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2001-12-30 07:36:13 (UTC)

Finally A Good Day!

Well today was pretty good. George came and picked me up
and we went to dinner at Glory Days and since it was cold
outside he dropped me off infront of the restaurant so
that I wouldn't have to walk from the parking spot and
freeze. I thought that was so nice of him AND he paid for
dinner AND then we rented SHREK and he paid for that too.
It really was a good night. We cuddled and kissed and
watched the movie and it was just good! I'm so glad that
tonight happened. Sometimes it kills me that he doesn't
actually want to date me because I like being with him so
much and it hurts knowing that he doesn't really want
anything serious right now. Oh well, I didn't have time
to work out today cause I had to get ready to go out with
him but it really was worth it. I'll just have to work
extra hard tomorrow and eat much less! I'll try to eat
700 cals or less and work out for at least 2 hrs during
the course of the day. I have to go to church tomorrow so
at least I'll be up kinda early so I'll have plenty of
time to do it... HOPEFULLY! Oh well anyway I'll write


Height: 5'0
Weight: 115
BMI: 22.5

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