Stary Night

the nightmare befor Christmas
2001-12-30 07:36:05 (UTC)

It's black! YAY

This is my first entry as I suppose you can probably
tell because it's the first thing on the list. So i suposse
i should start by telling you a few things about myself,
well... I'm 14, i'm a freshmen in highschool, i work in a
pizza place, which is great. Were the rejects from modern society.
One of my manegers thinks that my pager is a tracking device for the
government. I told him that if they wanted to track me and waste
money, they could go right on ahead. I go to school, work, this
precolledge thing, and the gym (occasionaly). nothing worth their
time but if that's what they want to do, have fun.

You know I've never understood the saying. "Fun as hell" i mean most
people use it in a good context. Hmm... I don't think hell is fun,
but that's just me.

Umm, In case you havn't noticed, I tend to go on and on and on. I
find it better than sitting there not talking about any thing.
When i'm not at school or work, I like to try and get some
sleep but that never happens. When i'm chatting and people
ask me what i like to do for fun. I tell them that i like
to sleep, they think i'm joking. Hee hee, yeah right.

I am ussual looked at as "that weird girl in in my math class" and i
enjoy it with a passion. I don't realy have much to write right now.
I'm tired(as always) ohh well.
till then