2001-12-30 06:27:09 (UTC)

December 29, 2001

Hola! hey i finally found a frigin diary online that is
totally free and little borther proof. WEll i hope for
long. At the moment mich and jennna are over and it's fun
so far. We have to go to church tomorrow and i kinda wanna
go but not to actually go to church but to socialize. i
have been in this church since i was in kindegarten. That's
how i met Jenna and then mich (when she was born). Jenna is
like my bestest best friend and michis like my favorite
little sister. she acts so much older than she really is
and that totally rocks. And like, she never really critizes
you unless you really need help and unfortunatly that is
quite often with me! lol. HISTORY ON MICH. her full name is
michelene. She is the oldest of three-Rachel 8 and micheal
6. making mich 12 or somethin like that. age rarely makes a
difference to me. Mich is awesome. she is so cool. HISTORY
N JENNA. I have known jen for quite some while now. i guess
since kindegarten. the first time i met her was at my mom's
baptisim. She made me cry by not inluding me in osdme game
tht her and Kate dyson were playing. lol. i think it's
ironic how we became so close. i mean whenever we get
together, we always end up laughing til we burst over the
dumbest things! Jenna is an awesome person. she really is.
She is a beautiful person inside and out and i can't
believe how she doesn'teven have a b/f yet. even if her dad
says she can't until she ets baptised. o well life is lfe
you gotta follow the rules some times to get along right?
if they so say so. lol. well i am getting kinda drowsy gues
si will get goign. ttyl . i'm off like a dirty shirt!