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2001-12-30 06:00:13 (UTC)

just made $50

babysitting is so great. deal with a few annoying kids and
a fiercely yipping dog for a couple hours and walk out with
two crisp twenties and a fresh ten to top them off. i
decided i'm definitely putting $20 towards my car fund; i
have $800 in it and only two more years to buy my 2002
camaro. last time i checked it was like 18, but in two
years maybe some two-year leases will be running up and i
can buy the car sorta cheap. that's my dream, to be able to
pay for my OWN car and my OWN insurance, then i will be
able to brag that it's my car and nobody else's.
tomorrow i might go to philly with lindsay; kc is at her
dad's house in virginia so basically my butt buddy is gone
till wednesday. so i'll go to philly with lin, chill with
her family, then we're hoping we can get to egypt and her
parents will get us home, since they'll all be in philly
anyway. tomorrow is egypt's "new years eve party" and it
will be jumpin jumpin.
for the real new year's eve, tom is having a party, and lin
is doing her best to work it so that mark comes. last time
he went to tom's party him and the people he came with left
because all the girls were ugly. this time lin is going to
be like "you'll definitely get some butt, so you better
come". i want him soooo bad! if i get to kiss mark at
midnight, my year will have been perfect. i just have to
get my mom to not make me sleep at home, and to not want to
call tom's parents (the horror!). tom is technically an
adult himself, being 18, and a lot of other guys are 18, so
technically it's a party supervised by adults.
a night spent next to that too much to hope for?
today i went to the mall/jewelry shopping with grandmom, for my
birthday last year she bought me a gold ring with an amethyst that
the band sort of goes and loops out around the stone. since i REALLY
hate it, we're using the same amethyst stone in a simple white gold
band with two tiny diamonds next to the stone. simple but it should
be really pretty and definitely wearable. then at the mall i got
some earrings (very pretty and sparkly!) and a new tongue ring that
came with three little donut things that go around the bar and under
the ball that are a TON of fun to play with. only problem is talking
decently, but i'll figure that out soon enough.
i'm sleepy so i'm going to go to bed... wish me luck on
egypt tomorrow!

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