Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-30 05:00:46 (UTC)

Hey all

Hey everyone. I changed my diary name because somebody kept
reading it and asking me questions, so I felt like I could
no longer write what I felt in here. So yah. Tonight was an
okay night. I donno. I'm just really sick of some things
right now. When sam was here tonight, we talked about the
whole fight-thingy, and I just don't think things will ever
be the same, because I mean after you get accused by your
really good friends of doing something that you didn't do,
or didn't mean to do anyway, you just can't feel the same
when you're around them. Cuz what I keep thinking is, when
are they going to turn against me again.
But yah, I took this weird Chinese Horoscope quiz thingy,
and it was partly right, but mostly wrong. It said I was in
love with nick. yah right. lol. We're way too good of
friends. But then it said that Zack is the one I really
like, but can't work things out with. Which is so
incredibly true that it scares me. Wow, but then the rest
is kinda out-there wacky, and who believes those things
I really feel like I miss my old friends so much right now,
cuz I mean this past weekend, when I hung out with Heather
and Jenna and Shelby, I just remembered how good things
were, and how I had like no problems, and didn't have to
worry about them gaining up against me. And then, me and
katie and james and gina and christy and whitney and sydney
and all them are starting to become real close again. Gina
is seeing if she can have me and our old "group" spend the
night over there tomorrow night. Wouldn't that be a blast!
Heck ya it would! And Christy invited me over there to
spend the night, so yay!
I found out the coolest news today!! Well, okay there are
these people from El Pase(where my pops grew up) that ya
our families have been friends forever, and the simpsons,
well they have these two sons, one of them named Brett. I
have been like in love with him as long as I've known what
loving someone is. When I was little, he used to lead me
around because I couldn't see(cataracts), and we've always
been like semi-close. Well ya, on to my story, last night
was Ann's(bretts mom) birthday party, and brett and dane
(older cute bro) were there. And my parents are having all
of their friends over here for a New Year's Eve party, and
then brett and dane were like well maybe we will just bring
some of our friends over to your house and party! OMGOSH if
they did that I would die! I would run home from lauras!
lol. It would make my year(this and next) hehe.
Well, ya now I'm just rambling like a gay, so I better just

Love ya and Godbless!!