Wow, I'm bored!
2001-12-30 04:21:10 (UTC)


I wish I had a magic wand
So I could zap away
The people who get on my nerves
In every single way

Stupidity is reigning high
In these commercial days
And when I see what the world's come to
I drop to my knees and pray:

"O God, since when have we been so
Intelligently flawed?
Why do we call the psychic line?
And holler while we applaud?"

I try to find an answer and
To a concluison I come
The way to not be irked by the dumb:
Iff yu cant beet em, joyn em!

No offense to anyone who can't spell...i happen to be one
of those people...Sorry, I've just had a very frusterating
day!! Too many telemarketers calling.