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2001-12-30 04:02:46 (UTC)

i suck at bowling

we went extreme bowling tonite for jake's birthday. he's 12
now. i did really bad at bowling. i do that a lot tho. it's
not a good thing. we got a drum set and a cd burner on
wednesday. the drum set is really fun. i finally figured out
the burner today. it took me forever. shelby devin and mike
came here on thursday. they got lost twice on the way here.
that was really funny. my dad didn't seem to like them very
well. oh well...too bad for him, right? i still am gonna
talk to them and everything. i don't think that i should
have them come back to my house again tho. cuz my dad would
probly be mad. my parents seem to think that i need to hang
out with people that are my age. and they don't like the
idea of me hangin out with guys. i should stop complainin
and go to sleep tho. g'night all!