2001-12-30 03:58:39 (UTC)

A long drive, but worth it

What else was I to do this weekend, but visit PA? My
friends 5 Days Ahead, an amazing emo/punk band, were
playing in Warminster. Naturally, I hauled ass down there
with my friend Ryan and got to see a great show. Yeah, the
other bands weren't that great ( except for Missles of
October). 5 Days Ahead made everyone else who played look
like a joke, which I found rather amusing and fun. I felt
bad that Cara couldn't be there to party with us and see
them play. It probably would have been even better with her
there. But I did take pictures, like I promised.
I don't think I am going to get into any details, but
needless to say it was a fun and interesting weekend.
I'm looking forward to New Years. It won't be a crazy party
like it has been in past years, but I think I just want to
relax this year. We'll see how it goes.