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The Story of a Girl
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2001-12-30 03:49:17 (UTC)


Hey!!! Back agian, lol..no time no see..well busy and thought this
thing was stupid..cuz i wanted a journal wit pics, but im gettin one
soon, so im here for a lil :) well the last journal is 2 months
old..pretty sad...BUT IM BACK :) miss me? yea i know. WELL alot of
shyt happened...yes ALOT...umm...im still not talkin to jason :-)
arent u proud? and yea i still miss who i thought he was...but yea im
SLOWING gettin over it...SLOWING! yea so i went out with princess
today (my bestest friend in the whole wide world..known each other
since 1st grade) because today is her last day :( and she is goin
back to florida. But she mite move back here this summer cuz her mom
does not like jax. SO ITS ALL GOOD. I watched bring it on..AGIAN..and
speed..i love that movie, sandra bullock is one of the best actresses
i think. I LOVE THE MOVIE Mrs Congenialty(sp?) cuz its soo funny!.
Umm.... ya i saw this hott guy today, pretty cute..that made by day~
umm goin to my grandfathers house 2morro..gee wat fun! Im prolly just
gonna stare at the ceilin the whole day, or should i walk around town
and look for hott guys?..hmmm that would be good! :) ugh..prolly cant
tho. OOO well atleast im not in school, i hate school, i wish i home
schooled it. MAYBE i should so im really really sick so i do like
this grl that is the LEAD in bye bye birdie( a musical were doin in
school) even tho she does not go to our school BUT WATEVER!)Allison
should of got it, she was born for that stuff. BUT NO,no one can
dance like her so they put her in that. Well watever, im not gonna
say ne thing about that!
ME: say sumthin cute to put in my dairy now..lol
Tiff: lol you can put my story in
Wanna know her story, god she is a BLONDE.
- she went into stores to try to find the dmb(dave mathews band) cd
and she couldnt find it ne where, so she asked a guy and so she went
wit him , and he was by these racks and she THOUGHT he was pointing
there so she was lookin for god knows how long for the cd and then
she does not find it ne where so she looks for the guy and wen she
does, he had the cd and she is like u told me to look over there? and
he is like "no, thats gospel music" LMAO..ok...i guess she couldnt
tell my the cds it was ..lol...yes my friends are BLONDES!
UMM..i guess thats it! Ill come back wen im more bored and talk about
other things
- ~* jennifer *~
"I wanna run away Never say goodbye I wanna know the truth Instead of
wondering why I wanna know the answers No more lies I wanna shut the
door And open up my mind"--LinKin ParK

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