the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 14:38:41 (UTC)

How to Scramble an Egg

How to Scramble an Egg

First, you have to get an egg.
Make sure that it is in good condition,
because the shell should be in tact.
if the inside of the egg is exposed,
it may carry diseases.
When you find the perfect specimen,
crack the egg.
This is usually done
with a blunt, hard object,
although a variety of methods
are quite acceptable.
The egg can be cracked with a quick jab of force,
or the procedure could be done
slowly, gently,
and methodically,
depending on your preference.
When the egg is cracked,
slowly spread apart
the shell,
and let what is inside the egg
fall into a frying pan.
If you find it necessary,
it is quite a common practice
to add milk
or butter
for moisture
and better consistency.
Some say it is easier to work with that way,
and that it even adds a better taste.
You can also add
or pepper
if you like it a little more spicy.
Next, place the frying pan over heat.
Most people find it easier
and more comfortable
to use the front burner,
but sometimes the back burner
can be used
for variety.
Then, start to stir the egg.

Some people use their stirring utensil
going either in little circles
or just back and forth, again and again.
Stir slowly at first,
making sure
the two parts of the egg
come together
to form one.
As the pan gets more hot,
start stirring faster,
making sure not to burn
the egg.
When it looks like
it is just the way you want it,
take it off the heat,
let it cool down a little,
and your meal
is ready

Janet Kuypers 4-6-91