Forgotten Misery
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2001-12-30 03:15:40 (UTC)

I cant feel my ass

Lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went iceskating at the zoo tonight
because aaron and christina decided I was to gloomy and
needed to get out. Let me tell u how damn cold it is up
here with snow every day its freakin freezin and all I can
say is hell no THO Anyways....

Geoff:: Babe I miss u so very very much!! I thought of
you alot today and I almost bought u a gift for the hell of
it but i didnt but im gona cause its so so u and i just
gotta lol do u have a Superman Visor???? Cause thats what
i almost bought u today! and probaly will cause im gonna
go slap happy and get stuff for everyone when i come to
visit which i have no clue when but if all else fails
expect me in april or march!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey next time
you get mad think of my cute lil smiling face that loves u!!

Adrain::I love u lil sis and miss u so so much sniffles
babe no cuties are up here and if they are they have a g/f so blah
and and i have no one to get guys attention with sighs even
though i havent really been looking cause my hearts not

Zak: Lil bro what is up boy havent heard from u in awhile
u taking care of my sisters for me!!!!!!!!!! you better
take care of marissa and keep her away from bad shit ok!

The lonley