2001-12-30 03:02:01 (UTC)

i am so very tired. i just got..

i am so very tired.

i just got off of work and home.
i feel as if i havent been home in a long time.
i feel like i dont know my mom anymore.

i spent the night at emilys last night. we drank. she
smoked. and it was fun. i sat at her work for about 2
hours. i was there on time...before time actually. little
stupid things like that can mean a lot sometimes. at least
they do to me...

work pissed me off today. but i guess it does that everyday
huh...the people there are just irrational and stupid.
the stupid part is what bothers me the most.
i took a shower at emilys and i can still smell her on me
even though i was at work.

i type hard.

sleep sounds really exciting right now. i have to work
tomorrow morning too. ive worked a lot during this break.
i just checked and i go back to school on the ninth.
fuck them for changing shit.

sergio comes back really soon..i cant wait to spend time
with him.

im going to go burn some of the incense that i took from
work tonight. i got lots of different kinds and happy
smells. yay for that. i put more stuff up on my walls. and
that makes me happy too. i cant wait to put the jimi that
my baby got for me up...i need to get it framed. i will
next week sometime. because im only working two days. yay.