the inception of shiver.......my shiver
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2001-12-30 02:28:13 (UTC)

tHe sEcOnd oNe iS a RigHt tO bEaR aRms......anD mY haPPinEsS.

.uPsiDedOwN aNd bAcK tO fRonT.
she said.
{all you need is love}
i said.
{its hard to love}
{when just that was your great dissappointment}
.count those rattlesnakes.
she said.{once again}
{a girl needs a gun these days.}
on account of the rattlesnakes.

it's the beginning of the new age.
all you sick little fucks.
it's the beginning of the new age.

walking home in her little wrapped up world.
she survived but barely.
you really should.
you really should be going.
i know you wish you were.
words are very unneccessary.
all they can do is harm.

she's not a girl who misses much.
back the fuck up.

hAppInEss iS a wARm gUn.

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