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2001-12-30 01:48:41 (UTC)

me happy?!?

well, since I last wrote in here not much shit has happened
I came and went to iowa that was pretty boring... lol I
didn't even go to the clubs I wanted to go to cause I
wasn't feeling well enuf to go that sucks!!! but O well, i
gotta work tonite... I actually gotta work the next 6 days
in a row.... oooo rememeber a few days ago or mylast
journal entry jason told me he loved me well, he doesn't he
was really drunk... So i was kind of down about that and I
really don't know why I should get down over him... He will
never change!!! things always come before me... If I loved
someone I would put them first in my life... Like I do w/my
family they come before NE thing... but I told jason right
after we broke up that I loved him and he didn't do NE
thing about it... He showed everyone the card that I gave
him!!!! so he has taught me a lot... he was and will be the
only guy I ever show my emotions too!!!!! that was the
biggest mistake of my life... well acutally the biggest
mistake of my life was going to MSU then I would have never
met him!!! that is what I wish!! well, i weigh 103 now...
I've gained four pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mom was gettin a
lil suspicious b/c my throat was a lil better and I wasn't
eating but tonite she made my favorite supper and I was
starving so I ate!! i will pretend my throat hurts 2
morro!! :) OMG I went to Islands last nite and this HOT
guy was there and he wants krissy to make a long story
short... but we danced to usher you got it bad!!! my FAV
song! LMAO! OMG my dryer is driving me fucking nuts I gotta
get out of the basement!!!!! byeeeeee

love espy