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2001-12-30 01:04:17 (UTC)

I Laugh at You!! HAHAHAHAHA

Got plugs? Radio Shack...

I piss in toilets, do you piss on trees? Maybe not, but I
once knew a kid who did. It was gross. So far, as it
probably already passed a week, my winter vacation sucks. I
haven't seen the LotR movie yet, even though I said I would
on christmas. GEEEYAH!!

Since I did nothing for the last few boring days, I decided
to do this little thing that possibly took 1-2 hours out of
my pathetic little life (you say: "I spit on you!!").

I, the MoN of all mOn's, took the time to decribe my
friends and the people in the Family (Family as in SR kids)
and the people I have met or seen or heard of so far in my
life. (I say: "I laugh at you!! Hah! HAHAHAHAHA!!")

So here goes my list:

Misha: She seems to always be the first of the list,
doesn't she? Well, One word or more: Monkey. Wack. Insane.
Funny. Has a deep deep secret that she doesn't even know.

Mariela: She understands me very well. We definitly have a
lot in common. Anime, Algebra, hating some preps that just
doesn't tickle our fancy. Logical. That's what makes her just
like me.

Reslyn: Short. Yep, short. She likes ugly guys (Nick Carter
can be an exception). Very outgoing. One word can only
describe her: Lyn.

Kristine: First Day of Fourth Grade, she ignored me when I
asked a question, so I ignored her for the rest of the
year, even though she became one of my close friends. (Hah!
I call that mean. Well, I *AM* mean!!) Now, this year, she
has become a Lyn, except not short. Sorry, but the guys you
like are just so ugly through my eyes. Lyn number 2.

Sophia: She's always one of the first five in lists. I just
noticed that.. Well,I didn't JUST notice it. She's POPULAR.
(me to sofa: "Face it, hun, you're popular and forever you
will be." I made that sound like a curse, didn't I? How
horrible. *cough cough*) She's everyones close friend. No
bad things in her reputation. Atleast, not that I know of.
Absolute Angel.

Tiana: Shy. She does get very annoyed at people, but just
doesn't say it out-loud; too nice to do that. But
ocassianally, she says bad words in front of me about the
people just annoyed her *SO* much. (Took her long enough to
get all of that hatred out. I'm so proud of her!!)

Scott: I hate you. HAHAHA!! I laugh at YOU!! Serves you
right to look as if you pooped in your pants. Clean cut,
wear nice-but-too-big clothes, and on a one way road to
preppiness. ::shudders:: Very VERY skinny (practically all
bones, if you ask me. boney boney boney.)

Asia: Dude, shut up for once!! She should stop talking so
she would have good grades!! She brown noses Mr. T (yep,
she does) and she still fails that class. She has my pity.
She copies off my paper and she still fails. Y'know why?
Because she TALKS!! Talking should be a sin. So should
giggling (I agree with you, Harry!!) Talkative.

These should be shout outs.I'mmean. I'm crazy. I'm a dumb
ass(I'm a smart ass at the same time). I'm smart (Yep, I
said it. I AM smart, you don't have to spell it out for me.
I can spell it by myself!). I'm sensitive (not to others
feelings, but just mine.). I have moral values. I'm ugly
(go bubba sparxx!!). I curse (like an average pre-teen). I
don't care what you say right after all this because you're
all stooges. Maybe not all of you, just some. HAH! Like
you're reading this anyway. May this entry be left
forgotten and burn in Hell. ::dances a devilish jig around
the fire-hole:: EEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!!!

I just know, someone else in this world is hopping around
and screaming outloud, "STOOOOOPID!! IS SPELLED S-T-YOU-

Well, g'day, and g'day to you, mate!