Marco Jacksonovic

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2001-12-30 00:37:47 (UTC)

A Not End Of The Year Review.

It's been another of those days. You know, those days that
feel like they're building upto something really big, and
when it happens you realise that it wasn't that that you
were waiting for, but the fact that if you were planning
for everthing from the day, you simply couldn't cope.

A full day of joy, in other words. Only minor joy, but
enough to bring me to tears.

It started early in HMV Leeds, buying my 2 missing of the
Stevie Wonder 1970s trilogy, as well I might, and indeed,
Some Like It Hot. All 3 will be put to good use in the next
few days. Tomorrow, however, I have 2,000-ish more words to
write of an essay, and I'm not quite sure what its about
yet. (2000 words in).

It continued in earnest at the Alfred McAlpine Stadium as
Town came as close as I've seen for a long time to making
me weep with joy. (I was gonna say cry, but there is a sign
on my monitor to tell me that would be a lie. May 6th 2001
3.06p.m.). 0-0 it finished. And so it should. Stoke.

Then, this evening, glory. I finally got into gear with my
dyspraxic child, and then, just as I kicked off into
rapture, I was distracted by Channel 4's Top 100 TV Moments
Of 2001. It was great! To feel truly accepted, the memories
each of those brought back, of friends here and in Norwich,
of people I haven't seen for months, of people I haven't
seen for hours.

Truly magical. I suppose its the way you should look back
on every year, but 2001 has been special for me. I've
finally flowered into (I think) a complete human being,
what I intend to be and do for years to come.

And so many people have been happy to share it with me.


WILT? Fog On The Tyne - Paul Gascoigne