2001-12-29 23:45:30 (UTC)

Need to be Alone!

I swear. What's wrong with me, this house? I have all the
privacy that I need...yet every five seconds I must be
disturbed. They knock at my door constantly like they know
it bothers me. And ask questions...Like I have answers to
them all. I am not the quizzable type. I'm not the advicer,
I'm the listener!! When will people realize this?! When?

Life is so confusing. I've been so at ease with myself the
past two days. So happy. And now, now like I've had it
inside me all along...and then it choses today to come out.
I am in the worst mood. I'm being very bitchy right
now..and I have to go to a stupid basketball game tonight
and cheer. Then to a party that will prolly depress me
more. as I see all the guys there..me the "friend" to them
all. Nothing more am I to guys but they're 'friend'. Man
does it get tiring after awhile...

Typing this all out kinda helps ya know? I mean to get this
out..To tell someone, but yet I don't know who I'm telling
this to...and so I don't care because I can ramble on about
shit that doesn't matter, just all these emotions I need to
get out..I can get them out and no one, NO ONE can say
anything to be. Or give me that look like she's lost it.

I could just cry right now, cry it all out. But I can't. No
they might come in and I can't let them see me crying...I
just need to be alone

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