Authority to Pass
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2001-12-29 22:06:36 (UTC)

Tutt Tutt looks like Rain..

Its like sun shingin in my eyes, when the rain is pouring
down. Its like climbing a tree and touching the sky-It was
merely a stump. Swimmiing across a lake - that has a
bridg. Its like trying to sing when the audience is having
their own conversation. Its like writing a poem and the
only words that come to mind is your name and a description
of your smile. Its like going to leave and your best
friend calls. Its thinking your all alone and your love
calls! Its like walking forever and getting a ride when
your over half way there! Its like drawing a bubble bath
and the water turns cold. Its like going to walk your dog
and remembering you don't have one, you have a cat!
Its getting gum in your hair on your way to the barber.
Its buying a new Wardrobe and forgetting extra hangers.
Its like mowing the lawn befor picking it up, Or mopping
the floor befor sweeping. Its like jumproping with a rope
thats way to long for your height without handles. Its
like swinging as high as you could on a swing that's
cemented! Its like crating a garden of flowers in a
vegitable patch. Its like sitting on a skateboard and
pushing off down the steepest hill. Its like sleeping in
the mountains without a pillow. Its like noticing a veil
of light in the middle of night. Its like picking flowers
from a meadow in December. Its like sitting in a circle of
drums with out a voice. Its like jumping off a bridge or
an airplane. Its like sitting passenger in your own car.
Its like walking a river bank that has gone dry or
threading beeds on a string without a knot. Playing a
brand new piano with out music. Its like sliding down a
slide in the hot wummer with a wet suit on. Its like going
to sit down for a family dinner and your family is gone,
Its like going hiking in your sandles or rock climbing bare
foot. Its like writing a song with your music teacher over
your shoulder. Its like writing on the first page of a
brand new binder with a never been used pen. Its like
giving your neice a barbie manshion for Christmas and
realizing she doesn't play with dolls. Its like getting
dressed up and going down town and running into everybody
you know. Its like a slow walk in the park when Monarch
butterflies follow you. Its like a warm cup of choclate by
the fire with a warm blanket after a cold day of snow
angels. Its like turning on the radio and your favorite
song is playing. Its like jumping of a mooving boat into
the water. Its like having a sneeze attack in the middle of
church or getting lost in a campground out of town. Its
getting fired from work and called for an interview the
same day. Its your parents telling you there leaving for
vacation and not to forget to feed the animals while they
are gone. Its getting asked to prom when your grounded.
Its like sking for a raise when you have only worked for
two days. Its getting invited to a party that happend two
weeks ago. ITs like stepping of the plane on the other
side of the world and feeling right side up. Its
remembering sweet words somebody told you then getting
yelled at for something that will happen tomarrow. ITs a
raging bon-fire on halloween, and not recognizing anyone
around you. Its like taking a nap and company arrives.
Its like playing hide and seek in an open feild. ITs like
painting your nails and getting an itchy nose. Its
spending the day at the beach then forgetting your towel.
Its noticing you don't have clean dishes and soup is done.
Its like falling in the mud then soaking in a hot bath.
ITs pouring rain on the day you planned yard work. Its
like starting work good then comming down with a headache.
Its like a vase with fresh daisies on your kitchen table
and your admirer brings you lillys. ITs getting the same
birthday card from both grandparents. ITs like a breakfast
date at baskin Robins and buying Vanillia, jumping in mud
puddles. Its like swinging on stray limbs hanging from a
dense jungle, Its like standing on the edge of a waterfall
and watching the water instead of jumping. Its like in
dancing in a crowded room alone and bumping into as many
couples possible befor you reach the opposite side of the
building. ITs like a confused wall clock that only ticks
every normal 4 seconds. Its like getting a sliver in your
thumb then your palm when you steady yourself to pull it
out. Its like buying groceries and being 1.04 short. Its
like crashing into a parked car without insurance. Its a
sunset on the ocean at dusk with someone engaged in serious
conversation. Its remembering your smile just when I feel
the need to cry and the tears subside. warm summer nights
is what its like.

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