The Story of my Life
2001-12-29 21:54:43 (UTC)

Cutler W. Boughn

drummer1130stud: YO
drummer1130stud: who is this again
OlyButterfly03: Sandi
OlyButterfly03: hey
drummer1130stud: thats right What up
OlyButterfly03: Word up
OlyButterfly03: Not much
drummer1130stud: hehe word up
OlyButterfly03: on break from work
drummer1130stud: cool still work ar carls?
drummer1130stud: i'm going trhere for din din tonight
OlyButterfly03: nope old navy
drummer1130stud: COOL
OlyButterfly03: too bad, now I can't see you
drummer1130stud: FUCK YEAH
OlyButterfly03: :-)
OlyButterfly03: thanx
drummer1130stud: :-)
drummer1130stud: damn i wish i had a job like that all i do
is dig ALL DAY
OlyButterfly03: ahhhahahah
OlyButterfly03: SUCKS TO BE YOU
OlyButterfly03: what happedned w/the amry thing?
drummer1130stud: asthma attack in basic training-DAMN chicks
dig the uniforms-no uniform for me:-(
OlyButterfly03: :-(too bad
drummer1130stud: your never on here
OlyButterfly03: I have asthma also
OlyButterfly03: I know
drummer1130stud: hey look perfect matchj/k
OlyButterfly03: hahaha, yeah we are
drummer1130stud: so....?
OlyButterfly03: ???what?:
OlyButterfly03: talked to Connor?
drummer1130stud: hahaha yeah a few times-still got a thing
for him?
OlyButterfly03: Haha-Of course!
drummer1130stud: haha
drummer1130stud: how cute
OlyButterfly03: hahah yeah thanks
OlyButterfly03: your just jealous haha j/k
drummer1130stud: do you guys have fairly inexpensive jeans
at old navy?
drummer1130stud: your right
OlyButterfly03: yeah, their pretty cheap. I actually work at
the outlet
drummer1130stud: in woodburn?
OlyButterfly03: Lincoln City
drummer1130stud: ohh shit where do you live
OlyButterfly03: Neskowin-15 mins from Lincoln
drummer1130stud: why'd ya move?
OlyButterfly03: Yeah it SUCKS-My parents. They built a beach
OlyButterfly03: :-(
drummer1130stud: sucks hehe
OlyButterfly03: hahaha yeah thanks
drummer1130stud: ewwww my closet
OlyButterfly03: esp. cause I don't know any one, and none of
my friends drive
OlyButterfly03: Huh?
drummer1130stud: nothing
drummer1130stud: you gonna cum see connor when he gets home
drummer1130stud: *COME
drummer1130stud: *COMe
drummer1130stud: ahhhhhhh
OlyButterfly03: hahaha yeah, I hope so
OlyButterfly03: were 'married' haha
drummer1130stud: hahahahahahahahaa
OlyButterfly03: J/K
drummer1130stud: thats dirty
OlyButterfly03: what is?
OlyButterfly03: LOL
drummer1130stud: damn him
OlyButterfly03: WHAT?
drummer1130stud: i'm jealous
OlyButterfly03: of what? him being w/me?
drummer1130stud: yes
OlyButterfly03: No way
drummer1130stud: yes way
OlyButterfly03: you've GOT to be kidding?
OlyButterfly03: and connor and I aren't actually together
OlyButterfly03: he's at college
OlyButterfly03: I doubt he's not gonna see anyone else
drummer1130stud: well hmmmmmmmm UP FOR THE GRAB Heheheh
drummer1130stud: j/k
OlyButterfly03: Oh yeah
drummer1130stud: cool
OlyButterfly03: I can't believe you would be serious
OlyButterfly03: if you are though....
drummer1130stud: if i am?......?
drummer1130stud: if i am what?
OlyButterfly03: serious
drummer1130stud: ok and if i am?
OlyButterfly03: then we should hang out
OlyButterfly03: -if you want
drummer1130stud: hell yeah i want too
OlyButterfly03: ok. Wow. I don't have my licence yet, so you
have to wait until I go into salem-or drive out here
drummer1130stud: only if you wanna
drummer1130stud: i mean hang out
OlyButterfly03: Yeah I want to
drummer1130stud: how do you get to salem-by your parents??
OlyButterfly03: yeah
OlyButterfly03: and it's not very often
OlyButterfly03: unless I specifically ask
OlyButterfly03: which I could
drummer1130stud: ok well i'm gone in mexico from this sat.
to the 26th. so wanna hang out either tommrorow or after the
OlyButterfly03: I canh tomorrow
OlyButterfly03: No work
drummer1130stud: you can or cant?
OlyButterfly03: can
drummer1130stud: ok well i probably cant b/c i have to get
ready for my tri cause i'm going snowobarding all day on
OlyButterfly03: ok
OlyButterfly03: The day is up to you
drummer1130stud: so howabout after the 26th
OlyButterfly03: That works
OlyButterfly03: maybe I'll have my licence by then. LOL
drummer1130stud: cool now dont you go get invovled with the
other fellas between now and then
OlyButterfly03: Oh, trust me I won't
OlyButterfly03: no chicas for you
drummer1130stud: good good
OlyButterfly03: Call me
drummer1130stud: you still in school
OlyButterfly03: nope
drummer1130stud: why not?
OlyButterfly03: didn't feel like transfering mid sem
OlyButterfly03: I will be 2nd semester
drummer1130stud: you starting in jan or no?
OlyButterfly03: starting where?
drummer1130stud: school in jan?
OlyButterfly03: yeah, around there
OlyButterfly03: I'm not sure when
drummer1130stud: call you when?
OlyButterfly03: when ever
OlyButterfly03: it's my cell
OlyButterfly03: (503)910-8616
drummer1130stud: hell whenever you want me too
OlyButterfly03: well, that's always
OlyButterfly03: :-) lol
OlyButterfly03: so whatever works for you
drummer1130stud: whenever you want me to call i'll call
OlyButterfly03: call me, when you want to talk to me
drummer1130stud: ok cool
OlyButterfly03: yeah, but I have to go now
drummer1130stud: how long does it take to get from salem to
OlyButterfly03: about 1hr
drummer1130stud: alright i might be able to hang out
tommrorow if you want
OlyButterfly03: awesome
drummer1130stud: i'll gie ya a call around 12:30
OlyButterfly03: ok, cool
drummer1130stud: L8 hottie
OlyButterfly03: *blush* TTYL
drummer1130stud: ttyl
drummer1130stud: DAMN your FINE!