ramblings of a madwoman
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2001-12-29 21:46:38 (UTC)

post-christmas, pre-new years

Wow... holidays. mega-ultra funtime.
I haven't been at school in three weeks, i missed two due
to a nasty bout with mononucleosis (which SUCKED believe
you me.) and so now i'm screwed coming back, i didn't get
sufficient homework. damnit. it's the semester system,
which means that i've missed a whole helluva lot.

my hair smells like apples.

santa claus was good to me this year, albeit a bit cheap.
that's fine, i didn't want something like a gamecube or etc

short list:

-2 sketchbooks that i'm not afraid to put stuff in, and one
that is so beautiful i won't even touch it. (thanks kris,
my brother is a smart fellow.)
-watercolor pencils
-sketch pencils
-sketch pens
-watercolor pens (useless but fun)
-gel pens (seems like a lot of pens)
-gift certificates for movies and clothes
-fifty bucks
-a gift certificate to a spa

it's cool with me, i didn't get to shop for anyone but my
boyfriend this christmas anyway. i was too sick. rarh.

so i've been driving a whole lot since i got my liscence...
i love the freedom, but i get lost very easily. why, just
yesterday, i made the huge fucking mistake of NOT turning
right on king george hwy from 104th street and i wound up
in langley. some bitter english man directed me to a
backroad that brought me to 88th ave, which made getting
home very easy. i was so relieved. i went to guildford
yesterday to shop, and well... i don't go there often and i
can't find my way out of a paper sack.

crikey, i'm so bored right now. why is it that no one's
home when i want to do something, but whenever someone
phones me i'm going out to work or something else? hissss.

i've been doing a lot of art with my new supplies, i've
filled 3 pages in my sketchbook in as many days. i also
just got photoshop and i've been scanning/painting anime
pictures. (ie

mrwahh.. well, i suppose that's all for now.

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