mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2001-12-29 21:37:43 (UTC)

Back to work , after Christmas.....

well, i am back to work now, it's 4:25pm, Christmas is
officially over. Kids go home tommorow, I will miss them
like crazy. Last few days have been hectic, but well worth
Yesterday had "family"photo taken @ target, i think it
came out great ! - it will be ready on Jan 22, cant wait to
get it online!
As for Christmas,Jessica spoiled dinner for all, with bad
attitude, and lots of crying during unrapping of presents,
but , all-in-all I think everyone was very happy with gifts
& got more than they thought they were getting.
Lisa bought me a wonderful stereo from QVC, a reproduction
of an old fashioned radio, a FDNY Billy Blazes, and some
kewl clothes. Her kids treated me very well too. Got a
interesting sounding novel from Mike, and nicole got me a
wooden fire truck, but it got taken back, cause we found
out it was missing pieces. I will take her back to where
she got it later next week & let her find me something
else, I want her to pick it out cause I know it means a lot
to her.
Jon & Jessica got me lots too, but most was bought by
Robin, she got Mike & Nicole a few little things , nothing
for Lisa though. This hurt her a bit, but she said she
understands. Next year I will see to it that she is taken
care of.
Now, I need to focus on Lisa's birthday, it is Monday, and
I haven't gotten anything for her yet.
Don't have any money either, so this is gonna be tough.
I really love Lisa & her kids, I want this to work out ,
depression is starting again, don't know if I should go
back on medicine or not......
If anyone has ideas, let me know.....
thats it for now... I wish it was closer to 11pm , I want
out of here....