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2001-12-29 21:00:08 (UTC)

So Yeah

ok so i read my last entry about ho piteful my friendshio
with the guys us but its has changed you know we are not the
best of friends, btu we are NOT just another person. we are
their friends that we can do stufff with them, but we have
found the limits i guess we sit together at field trips and
games and maybe start to date each other but i know lexi
will not go out with danny. she likes another dude. but i
kinda think i might wanna move in on danny just cuz he is
the kinda bf i wannna have and maintain for a long time. bti
i kinda want a older bf but i am kinda imadated by the
older bballers in our HS so i i dunno i gots some time ot
hink b4 i am a full time high schooler. so yeah. i dunno

Chad Bur. came over thursday we watched Planet of the Apes
w/ Jonathon ( the guy i flashed) and my father. it was
interesting i realize that i will always like chad but i
wont act on that. cuz i want a ball playa. i have some
pretty dum,b starndards
like he has to be nice, a basketball player, he has to have
ok grades and my friends must approve of him or else his
gone. so yeah
well i will talk to

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