my life (as told by me)
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2001-12-29 20:47:24 (UTC)


heather and kim and beth spent the nite last nite. we
watched the faculty so beth could see why it's soooo
amusing. and i got to see josh's ass! :-D i so love josh
and his sexyness. lol. and we ended up killing barbie
dolls. we ripped one's leg off. it's so pretty. heather
gave one an afro! it was great. and fooooood. lots and lots
of food. lol. hm. the title of this is b/c i messed up my
knee again. i bent down and once again, couldnt get back
up. so now it hurts wicked bad. and i was gonna ride and
maybe even skate today, but now i cant. this really does
suck. so i watched the exorcist. it's hilarious. and it's
supposed to be the scariest movie ever. haha scary my ASS!
it was just amusing. specially when she did the crabwalk
down the stairs. that was just great. well tm, hopefully
i'll get to ride, cuz i'm sick and tired of not being able
to ride. and we finally got a lil bit of snow, but i want
more. that way, once i get my knee back, i can go boarding.
but i dunno if i'm gonna be able to do any of my winter
sports this year. which really really blows. anyways, i'm
off for another day of time! lol.

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