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2001-12-29 20:41:42 (UTC)


Okay so I really dont want to go back to school....but I
want away from this household!!! hehe...sounds bad I
know....but it's really irritating haveing to be around my
parents 24/7!!! And I have a ton of rules when I come
home....that's really hard to go from absolutly
NO rules, to more rules than you can imagin...clean your
room, come home by 2, brian must leave by 2:30....blah blah
blah....whatever!! Okay so enough of my bitching....So last
night I was cleaning up some suff in my room and I opened
up this box and found all of the letters from like over a
year from this boy I "dated" like my freshman we
werent really dating(he was my BF, but he lived like an hr
and 1/2 away, and we met at summer camp)....but anyways I
read thorough all of the letters...gosh I never realized at
the time how much we cared about's so sad
to read them now, but it's also really sweet....But as I
was reading, all I could think of was brian....He's soo
great!!! I hope this never ends:) yeah yeah enough of my
sap:) hehehe....Erin called me today! I miss her soo much
so I was REALLY glad to hear from her :) it was nice and
we FINALLY got to catch up on whats been going on with
us :) yea!!! 1 more week and we'll be back together :)
hehehe :) well I'm off for a fun filled family day...we're
going to a movie and out to diner, i kinda dont want to go,
but whatever....then I get to see Lauren, HOPEFULLY!!!!
Love you all :)