No porn here!
2001-12-29 19:55:41 (UTC)


Mood: Sad and lonely
Music: 'Iris' by The Goo Goo Dolls
Time: 4:54 AM (12-30-01) Tokyo Standard Time

I just got back from the 'date.' It was an interesting
experience and I'm still not sure how I feel about the
whole thing.

Around 10:30 PM, I got a call from Elena saying that she
was running a little late in her meeting, but that she'd be
here by 11:00. It totally slipped my mind that in
Japan, 'business meeting' really means 'getting totally
wasted with my co-workers.' When she came in, she was
already beyond gone. She jumped on one of the computers
while I sat on the couch, watched a rerun of SNL and waited
for Reid to show up. Boss Man came in around midnight and
we both chugged some STRONG coffee. My friend Yusaku (his
name is literally pronounced like 'You Suck')
coincidentally showed up to use the net just before I
closed shop and I asked him if he wanted to join us. The
four of us (myself, Elena, Reid, and Yusaku) headed down to
our pool joint because Yusaku has been dying to play us for
the longest time. DAMN THAT BOY HAS SKILLS. Good thing we
weren't playing for money.

I was off my game ... I kept looking over at Elena, but I
just didn't feel anything. The whole night, Reid was
like 'Man, you need to jump on that while she's still
drunk' and I just wasn't up to it. When she was having some
trouble on her shots, it was Boss Man that did the
whole 'helping you shoot/putting my arms around you' thing.
I'm not mad at the guy, he's always been a ladies man :D
But I just didn't feel anything tonight.

Afterwards, we did Karaoke. That was a little more fun.
Fucking Yusaku got hammered after about four beers (the
Japanese are notorious for not being able to hold down
their liquor) and we were laughing at him the whole night.
Elena didn't feel like singing, but I managed to coax a few
songs out of her. I couldn't get her to duet 'A Whole New
World' with me though :(

It wasn't that I was thinking of Mon too much (even though
she came to mind more than once) ... I just didn't click
with Elena like I thought we would. When Reid dropped the
four of us at the cafe, we didn't even hug (but we did
agree to try this again sometime). I don't know ... I don't
really see us becoming anything serious.

In other news, before I left I wrote a letter to Amber. I
just couldn't sit there and let her feel that much hate ...
Its not that I want to get back with her at all (I'm very
taken, thank ya much), but I still felt horribe about the
whole thing. I attached a copy of our song 'Never Had A
Dream Come True' and basically told her that I was sorry I
hurt her and that if she still wanted to talk, that I'd
still be here to listen. She wrote two replies, in the
first one she was pretty resolved and still a little upset.
She told me about how she met some 21 year old guy at the
movie theater. He wants to take her out again next week. I
can't say I'm happy with that (I mean the guy is older than
me), but she's gonna do whatever she wnats.... The second
letter was written after she listened to our song (I guess
I smiled at the fact she remembered it as 'our song'). She
was bawling, but at least she smiled a little. I hope she
doesn't let this jerk take advantage of her because I hurt
her ...

Monica went out with some friends to an all guys strip club
and she's been writing about it a lot in her journal. I
don't want to say I'm jealous or upset ... but what
boyfriend wouldn't be :) If she's having fun IRL, then
that's cool for her. I'm going to stay up for a little
while even though I'm pretty tired ... I hope I can catch
her. I miss ya, babe.

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