The trilogy of my life
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2001-12-29 19:50:41 (UTC)

Last night - write back for me

well everything was going good i was going to the coffee
bean with the girl i like. lately she has been flirting
with me and i her but then last night things just seemed to
turn around. why do girls give you the impressing that they
like you then all of a sudden things change and they blow
you off. i thought she liked me untill i found out from 1
of her friend that one of my close friends kissed her now
that got me really fired up cuz he knows i like her. after
i got back i confronted my friend online about how i know
whats been going on and all together he got me more pissed
off i'm sick of friends backstabbing me and well i guess he
will soon have whats comming to him. i wonder if i should
tell dana the girl i like how i really feel, see on one
hand she could tell me that she likes me too and i would
like that but then there is the chance how she could tell
me how we should be friends. i really like her but then
i'm afraid of being rejected. another question if i do tell
dana how i fell how should i go about doing it, i don't
want to sound pathetic or desprate. HELP PLEASE!!!

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