SuGaR RuSh
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2001-12-29 19:37:46 (UTC)


i never write in this thang n e more...well 2 day im goin 2
my friends surprise bday party..shes gunna have a shit fit
lol its gunna b fun...last nite i went 2 mikes house..i got
my ex miss present omg i loveee it its a baby blue hurley
hoodie and a pretty pretty ring omg last nite it was soo
wonderful...i didnt wanna leave...i luv him so much :) and
he smelt soo good hahahaha..well christmas was ok..i didnt
kill my cuz so thats good...she was sucha bitch when she
was goin out w/ this guy but they broke up so she is bak 2
normal now so its all good...i gotta lotta nice stuff :) we
have 3 more days off :( i dun wanna go bak 2 skool i hate
it! last nite my ex bf was actin all weird and was sayin he
was an asshole and he was was sayin he treated me like shit
n all this stuff...he never did that and i told him and he
didnt belive me...and then he started 2 drink grr that
makes me so mad when he does friends g ma is
really sik :( its very sad :( hmm..what else 2 write...i
NEEEEDDD 2 go 2 a concert i havent been 2 once since
hm...nov 1 i think..? ughh thars nothin else 2 write io
will ttyl byezzz