Zone of Misfortune
2001-12-29 19:26:36 (UTC)

Post Xmas Holiday Entry type O positive thing

well well well, another "nag mail," another entry. I
wonder how many days of not updating it takes to shut this
thing down....

So, i have a cost 35 bux, i bought a game,
jet grind radio, it cost 10 bux, i beat it in 3 days...

It was fun i guess, it's coo to know that there are games
of pretty high quality/gameplay/graphics for 10 bux...

But since then, i also atteneded my first "real" ice
skating thing, where i thouroughly fell and embarrassed my
ass over and over twas fun though, i kinda know
how to ice skate "the emily watts way" (she taught me.)

Yes, besides that, the break has been good. Playin' a lot
of guitar, learning some scale crap, trying to get dave to
come, who always needs to be somewhere else, but we'll get
it working...speaking of dave...attened his "NintendO
party" yesterday. All systems to my knowledge were in
attendance, which includes gameboy, nes, snes, n 64,
gamecube, and yes, virtual boy. All of which i enjoyed.

Um, there was one bleak dark spot on the ass of the party,
the blashpemous game known to nes hardcores as "the worst
game ever made for nintendo", a.k.a. BIBLE ADVENTURES.
The man, the myth, the legend Chris foster butted heads
with the game for over an hour with one of three bible-
istic escapades, the quest of "david and goliath."

at first, things were calm, jokes were made, as chris
calmy and efficienlty collected all four sheep, rotating
his stack when pertanant, yet, then...a seemingly
sheepless level. After many attemps, ungodly amounts of
cursing and several "HA-RA!!!s" after the fabled eastern
ledge was found via the leap of faith, chris was poised
for victory, battleing either goliath or his henchman in a
gutwrenching quarter of a minute, only to be expelled from
the vicinity with a final insulting head butt from the

The game had won.

Besides that, pat brandt beat schiller (mario cart), i won
the bond tournament and tonight is slipperfest.

which i could write lyrics