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2001-12-29 19:16:43 (UTC)

First day

Well, today is my first day of writting my diary... its
great! haha, I guess... No, jp! Well, hmm I havnt written
in a diary in forever! But, anyways, today is Dac. 29th and
I guess I'll talk about Christmas! Well, at my moms house I
got a stereo, clothes, a comforter and stuff for my room..
and at my dads house, I got clothes, and um 4 purses! lol!
I love it! Today has been soo boing! I mean for reals! Im
just gonna like 'free write', k? ok.. well, Im (of course)
thinking about John again! Dang, that boy is always on my
mind.. I dono.. Its just so weird! Im ALWAYS thinkin about
him! For example: Im having a New Years party and I want
him to come.. well my lil sis wants to play Hide-N-seek,
and I was like "i duno, he'd think that was weird" and then
she goes "no, you and him could be partners" lol! I was
like.. "you know, thats true!" haha. Because then I started
thinking well, like we could hold hands and stuff like
that! But, who knows! Anyways... haha~ Im majorly bored
(but you knew that!) Oh yeah.. also, right now im thinking
about Band! Man, I miss marching season! It is SOO fuN! I
mean, everyone prob thinks im like a band nerd, but so
what!? At least im involved! Our band went to the Texas
State Marching Contest! In prelims we got... I think 7th
place (they only take 7 bands out of the WHOLE state of
Texas) and then in Finals, we made *YAY* 6th! That means
that we're the 6th best band in the WHOLE, HUGE state of
Tx! WOO!!! HOOO!!!! Cedar Park got first place.. they
deserved it because they marchg and play really well, but
are SO rude! They we're yelling out gay things like "yall
suck!" and they we're pointing to us! OH well, we were the
mature ones and just blew them off :) Im happy for us tho!
Well, I guess thats enough writting for today! Love you,

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