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2001-12-29 19:05:36 (UTC)

Making Out

Did anyone ever REALLY realize how lucky they were to have
their significant other right next to them all the time?
Well, I am on vacation right now, and am sorta dating this
one guy, but my heart still belongs to the ex. Even though
the guy I have been dating made out often, we never had
sex. Now that I am away from him, and my old guy, I am not
doing anything with anyone, and it kind of sucks, because I
really want to make out. Gr. Sorry - this is SO random, but
I was just thinking, it's been like three weeks or
something since I kissed him (or anyone for that matter)
and it will be about two more. Then when I get home, I am
only going to be there for four days, because I am off to
Hawaii. What is a girl to do?