ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2001-12-29 19:04:53 (UTC)

i coULdN't geT N*E*more pathetic......

***@@[email protected]%#&^ i dont understand why i like Chris
so much. he is the biggest loser, i swear... he he... im so
mean. but he is the Sweetest person i've ever met. He got
us all in the movies one time for free, and Sarah was
like " now i know why u like him so much! " but there was
more to it than that. he cared about me, i think he did at
least, and he was a great kisser and all that other stuff
too... he he... and i LOVED being with him! i could just
lie next to him and put my head on his chest and he would
stroke my head and i could just think about nothing. i
wish that could last forever, but i guess not. all i know
is, he'll never find another girl out there like me. i
could have cheated on him SO many times, but i didnt,
except for that one time with Eric, but that was more like
cheating on Eric and thats funny!lol, but anywhos, ....
gawd i need a boyfriend, or at least a fucking friend with
benefits! i wanna have sex with Chris!!!! why can't he see
that??? WHY................. la la llama...

Fuck it all, ill just go fuck someone who i dont
fucking care about..... or not.


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