2001-12-29 18:37:44 (UTC)

December 29,2001 Who am I

I had a nervous breakdown, I never cared and still don't for
the opposite sex. There is nothing I would have done for
this person from climbing the mountains to kissing the floor
he walked on. Any guy would kill to have someone like that
and isn't one of our purpose in life to find true love I
did. Cody was it and no one will ever compare.

I noticed the more my heart broke the more I succeed in work
my career has blossomed to the point I am afaird of
relationships that it might destroy my career.

I guess you are wondering if Cody and myself ever got back
together after that September break up?

We did Janurary 1, 2000; what a great way of starting the
new year, but it didn't last. I wanted commitment he wantd
his freedom. He won!

Like he always had.

Febuary 14,2000 th last and finale time we were together.

Never again will we be together as much as I think of him
everyday, I miss him and I wished for his return. For the
past four years I have asked for one special Chirstmas
present and every year God refuses to deliever. This past
year was my last and finale request and of cousre once again
I get denied.

If you to ever see me you would ask why? And how come? I am
not an ugly woman or stupid woman. I have made a good life
for myself career wish and friendship wise (consider the
fact the my friends have everything I wanted and they never
worked for it) This past week I saw one of my best friends
ask for his girlfriend hand in marriage. I saw something I
wished from Cody I love him forever untill the day I die. It
is those eyes his "beautiful eyes" and the way he smiles and
laughs and everything so perfect.

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