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2001-12-29 18:21:37 (UTC)

December 29, 2001 The fall

Well I guess the end was the trip we decided to take to
Cuba. It was something that I wanted very much and I was
surprized that he wanted to go with me, I speak of him this
way because I loved him so much that I didn't see this fall
come. I made him the centre of my life and everything else
work around him. He know that and the abuse of power he
used on me was something I wanted to see. Between his
friends and the car and his work I wasn't part or in other
words I didn't fit in his life.

Cuba was great we laughed, had a great time; for the first
time as we were together in the pool, I heard him say it and
mean it that he loved me. I felt wonderful, he never said
those words, and he never understood why I needed to hear
those words it made me feel wanted.

Well it didn't take very long before everything just went
wrong. The fighting increased and I was scared that he was
going to leave and come September 27, 1999, he

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