2001-12-29 18:09:48 (UTC)

December 29,2001 Love and Hate

Cody was someone who was there for me when things went
wrong, he had this "Who cares" attitude that made the world
make sense.

After my hardship with Larry I contuine and wanted to prove
I didn't need someone who was going to dictate in my life.
I search for work something I would pround of, you can say I
love to work, I do. It is one thing in my life that I have
not failed at.

It was the end of the year 1998 three years ago today we
Cody called and I fell in love all over again. I know just
as much as he knows that we wanted to be together again. It
took until Febuary of 1999 to get together. And things were
good, we had our problems but nothing that we could handle.

Problems were something we always had, after about the month
of May when my cousin got married I thought for sure that
nothing else would tear us apart but I was wrong.

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