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2001-12-29 17:29:33 (UTC)

Morning wood

Have any of yous ever had wood so hard it woke you up?
Well, generally I get morning wood after I sleep longer than
usual and I have not gone to the potty yet.
For you lovely ladies out there, Ill just let you know that
a morning boner has nothing to do with sexual arousal (at
least not with me).
So anyways, I get this massive hardon at around 11:00 AM
that it wakes me up. Not that "oh darn I have a stiffy, and
it is creasing my PJ's" More like this "AHH SHIT that
fucking hurts like HELL If I roll over I am getting some
serious bendage!!! Lord help your follower!!"
Hey ladies...ever tried pissing on your head? Believe you
me, thats about what we poor saps with AM tent poles just
about gotta do to coax that snake down.
While Im not shy around my wife...some of you ladies may
have seen your beaus hiding their crotches in the morning.
If not, wake up when he does, and pay particular attention
to his nether region... just maybe you will see the One-eyed
eel at attention.

This has been a public service announcment brought to you by
the fine folks at Peek-a-boo's topless bar and grill

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