Baby Story
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2001-12-29 17:07:51 (UTC)

13 wks 4 days

Well, traveling all over again, but this time to see my
mom!!! Yay! I decided to go home earlier than Nelson,
because he has to work, so I am taking a bus. UGH. Nels
will meet me down there on New Years Eve though. How
sad... :( I am going to miss him SOOOO much!!! I am
leaving work early to catch my bus, which is taking 4 hours
and 45 minutes for a 3 hour drive. But I just don't feel
like driving down there. Plus Nelson is going to have a
Car there to bring us home, so why have two cars?? Right?
I can't wait to see my family. I miss them so much. I
think they are going to be surprised by the size of my
belly/baby. I am getting worried though, because I no
longer feel sick or anything. I don't feel it move or
anything... so I hope its okay!!! I know... Im a worrier...
big time! LoL. It likes to sit right on my back though,
where it pinches my nerves and hurts so bad...ouch! One
reassuring thing though, is that I think I gained some
weight, and my stomach grew another inch to 36 inches! Big
BIg BIG BELLY! (As I like to say, haha) Nelson prefers
beautiful belly, hehe, he is such a sweetheart. Well Im
rambling now. Hope everyone has a GREAT NEW YEARS! Ill be
back after that.

Take Care!!!

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