tom weaver

never wake up
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2001-12-29 16:35:19 (UTC)

college apps

i hate college apps.. so many suppliments. they are the
worst things in the world... "why do you want to go
here?" "why is our college appealing," i almost just want
to write to every single one of them that im applying there
because i think i can get in and i will have fun... thats
why everyone is applying there, they are not going to find
some kid who wants to go there because he is in love with a
professer... i dont know, i hate college so much... i
almost just want to apply to 1 school, if i get in i get
in, if i dont, i will just work at the 7-11 all day... at
least that way i get slirpys whenever i want them and i
probably get a discount on other 7-11 junk.