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2001-12-29 16:11:59 (UTC)


The funeral is over. Christmas is done. I think we might
go to City Hall New Year's Eve if it's not too cold and see
if Adam can make it all til midnight this time. Then he
goes back to his Dad's New Year's Day until the Sunday
night before school resumes.

Went to dinner with Barb and Tim last night. Barb gave us
each personalized music CDs she got from Rob
thought it was such an awesome idea (music is such an
intergral part of his personal modes of expression) that he
immediately went to Staples and bought a box of CD-Rs. And
I thought it was difficult to get on the computer before.

I've been running with the dog a couple miles a day for the
Christmas break. It's been bloody cold but it seems more
appropriate that way...more...isolated some how. I've
always been a bit of a loner (but the paradox is that I'm
always the one at a gathering that talks to everyone) and
running suits me in that - it gives me my time to myself.
The dog is good, unobtrusive company. And she needs to
burn off the energy - far too hyper. She also is that
safety factor that puts Rob more at ease - he is always on
the look out for that big bad suburban boogey man.

Time to dry my hair.


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