Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
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2001-12-29 16:05:17 (UTC)

Kiara s g/f (yeah, she has 2..

Kiara's g/f (yeah, she has 2 people and all that) is VERY
unhappy about me even being a part of "Their" relationship.
She wants me to get out entirely. You know, I kinda want
Lourre (kiaras g/f) to take a hike too, but I'm willing to
share. What I am NOT willing to do is go away! NOONE is
gonna take Kiara from me! I would go out and kill a skunk
before I gave her up! errrrrrgh... *low throat growl*

Anyways, I need to write some good news too... I got a new
bow, its great, very strong and the arrows fly off of it
straight. I think I'll use it today if I get the chance.

... *sniffles and cries a bit* man... I wish I could go see
Kiara NOW, I'm worried... I sorta know she'll pick me if
she has to pick... but... its just not fun! Why did this
have to happen...?!

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