Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2001-12-29 16:04:32 (UTC)


Lets talk about a crazy night shall we???? I don't
think I have ever in my life been as drunk as I was last was awful! I started out at my house sober and
sick...boring as it seems I should have stayed there but
no...I got dressed, told my parents I felt better, and then
went to pick up Stephani. My mom drove us out to Danny's
house which is where all the shit began. I started off
with one Bud Light....and I was feeling nothing so I got
Danny to give me some was so fucking
strong. I could feel my insides burning and aching as the
liquor filled my empty stomach. But, I kept on drinking
and soon I was wasted!!! I mean plastered!!! It was
awful! I ended up kissing Danny and Clark and
Stephanie.... What in the hell was I thinking? I also got
sick, I threw up...but I did make it to the toilet....yeah
the out of order one that hadn't been flushed in like
forever...yeah I know discusting! So anyway, Merlin,
Danny's dad, got home and I was all hunched over the toilet
and so of couse what do you think he thought??? I was in
so much shit I know it! Well anyway, I had gotten this
bracelet made of whit gold for Christmas which I found al
bent this morning when I woke up in my bed....apparently
Danny carried me to Clarks car and I passed out in his bad
seat and then Stephanie and Clark were slapping me trying
to get me to wake up...finally Clark backhanded me and I
guess I woke up and got inside my house..... Well all of
my dogs started to bark and so my mom came
downstairs....somehow Stephanie conjured up a story about
me taking to much robitussum on an empty stomch and got
sick from it.....whatever it what am I going
to say to Merlin??? The worste part about it all is that I
don't remember any of this is all a
fucking blur! Damn it! So yeah.... Ok, also Apparently I
kissed Danny and Stephanie at the same time....what in the
fuck, I don't even like Danny I don't think... and then I
am kissing him..... I need to go kill myself, what in the
hell was I thinking?????? Needless to say I am still
sick...... And I feel awful cause my mom still thinks that
I told her the truth about the whole thing....I realy feel
bad about that.....damn...