Thoughts And Love Of My Friend, Mark
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2001-12-29 15:28:16 (UTC)

What a guy!

Just a quick note to my diary to say that Mark is such a
good friend. He hasn't changed and still treats me the
same which is wonderful! We still joke around and hang out
together and he still gives me real hugs without tensing up
or anything.

He still looks into my eyes and drives me crazy and I still
love him. It is getting easier to deal with. I wish we
could fool around some, but afraid to piss him off or make
him uncomfortable. Sometimes he seems like he's in the
mood where it will be ok if I try, but I'm more afraid than
before. If only he would make the initial move, but that's
asking alot, right?

God, he's beautiful! He doesn't even know it!

Mark, I love you! I want to kiss you and hold you and look
into your eyes forever! "Come What May!"

I'm going to miss you when you go out of town. I really
hope you call me while you're gone. (you promised . . .