My life as i and only i see it
2001-12-29 14:53:32 (UTC)


Hey people, I just thought (since this is a public diary)
that u might wanna know a few things about me.

My name is Jen
I am 16 yrs old
I have hazel eyes
Brown hair
I am a horrible speller (just so u know)

Ok, those are the main things

Now heres my actual entry:
In late october i found out that my bestest friend was bi. I
really didnt care. Later that evening we were talking and
shit and i told her that i was bi-curious.

Later into November, I told my friend (the same one) that i
am (totally) bi also. She was so happy.

Earlier Dec ( around the 16) me and her were at the mall.
She asked me if i would do her the honor of being her
girlfriend. I said yes.

Now, i have a question: HOW THE HELL DO I TELL PEOPLE I AM
BI????????????????????????? Iknow not everybody is going to
like it but to damn bad. I have not even told my parents. I
sort of want to, but i know for a fact that they will be
pissed and probably wont know how to act around me after i
tell them. I NEED HELP!!!!!!! (if any of u out there have
been in this same situation, or know of some one who has
been in this same situation, i would appreciate the advice/

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