the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 14:28:49 (UTC)



Some women are married to their husbands,
cooking them dinners, greeting them with a smile
keeping themselves trim, dressing up for
when her man walks through that door.
Letting him dictate all of her actions.

Some women are married to their careers,
spending extra time at the office, talking
in their spare time about their work. I'll need
to stay late in order to get this client.
Her meetings dictate what she behavior.

Some women are married to their home,
vacuuming the floors, washing the dishes,
dusting with a religious intensity. Because
this is her one showpiece, this marks her
worth, her surroundings dictate her success.

Some women are married to their addictions,
whether they be sex, or liquor, or pills,
cigarettes, soap operas or attention.
She keeps searching for what she can attach
herself to. She has to attach herself to something.