for show and tell
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2001-12-29 12:18:33 (UTC)


i slept one night from 12 or so midnight, and woke up the
next day at 2 pm. that's over 12 hours! 12 bloody hours of
nothing but lying there, almost dead! that's right! you
are closer to death when you are sleeping, seeing as your
entire body shuts down, except vital organs.

your heart and lungs operate slower. now... isn't that
something to think about? which is why i've begun to cut
back on sleep. every human needs sleep, so i try to keep
it limited. it's been about, oh.. 2 days so far.

i rest at 5 in the morning (since parents wake up for
work), and i try to wake up at about 7 or 8, which is 2-3
hours later.. yes... i know what you're thinking.. iron
will, right? the movie? in the movie, the guy slept for 3
hours one day, to win the race. yeah... kinda like that.

i have SO many better things i could be doing. like this.
i'm writing this at (about) 4 in the morning.. also,
sleeping means you become unaware of your surroundings.
imagine, there could be an alien outside who's making soft
noises that you'd have to be awake to hear.

or, how about your best friend wants to commit suicide, so
they call you at, ohh.. 2:30 in the morning. if you're
asleep, you won't hear it! for the record, i question


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