I'm a Loner Dottie, A Rebel
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2001-12-29 07:46:25 (UTC)


One of my favorite words- i decided I'll make these my titles, cuz
yah... I SAID SO!

We grow older by the hour...

WEEKEND! Yay~ not like its much different from any other
days this week, cuz its Christmas break, but still, just
the thought of a Friday made this day even better. I woke
up this morn freaking out cuz it was 11 (isn't that just...
pitiful- wait no, thats frickin awesome!) Well, I was
freaking out cuz I had to get ready to go to lunch w/ Dane
at noon o'clock. ONLY AN HOUR! Oh well, i said fuck it and
went in a sweatshirt- Cait and I are officially punking it
out! Yes yes, we already know that we are the coolest kids
in Washington... no need for reminding ~wink~ lol ANYWAYS-
the luncheon deal was good, cept i felt like he was kinda
getting bored with me, but ya, how good are first dates
sposed to be? He was even a sweety and paid for my $2 soup
and i gave the tip- lol. Okay- well after the Brick Oven I
called Mere up and we went and dragged Mattie out of bed
and headed off to go shopping. Quick Detour to McDonalds
cuz Meredith HAD to get some greesy food (lol) before we
left. And cuz I didn't want my car to smell like shit, we
ate in there, and guess who was there!? Lynn Smith. yah, it
was great.... errr. She came and sat with us and gave us
the full report on the ghetto people of washington. I now
know a hell of alot of info about her brother's bitches and
all of their various STD's... yah, its pretty disgustin.
(NOTE: meredith officially stopped eating after 3 minutes
into the convo) After that we headed off to the mall
FINALLY! We met my Caity-Lynn there and all picked out New
Years gear--- just wait everyone, just wait until u see us.
hehehe ~devious laugh~ We got some awesome shit! Ooooh- and
i also purchased the new Get up Kids. You gotta love the
cool guys at Hot Topic- they almost smacked the guy that
was bitching at us in line (just FYI: he had an A&F bag
with him, and he was wearing it too- what is the world
coming too... ~sigh~) WE were even about to bitch slap him
for that! Upon leaving the parking facility we almost got
broadsided by the car we have come to affectionately call,
the green bitch, and then they followed us around cutting
us off around every corner- and u wonder why i was so jumpy
driving earlier kevin... this was bad. Took mi amigas home
and headed off ice skating, to find out that- oh wait,
kevin locked his car in the garage. His skates were in his
car, and SO WAS HIS HOUSE KEY! smooth move babe. So we went
to Barnes- I love that place BTW -and then drove to Kev's
to wait for Allen and Dane to come into town with a house
key. So while we waited we all had a mad passionate orgy in
matt's trunk. But not really. We waited, drove around....
um hm. They got there and the guys jammed, while matt and
carrie banged in the back room and lonely little lizzy
typed away at her computadora. I got to talk to kevins mom
actually cuz i was on his sn. She was asking me a bunch
of ?'s and asked if i was kevins gf- lol. Funny and Ironic
actually. This behavior went on for long while, until the
guys went out for a smoke (BAD~smack! = from empire, my
fave movie) and then lizzy had to leave. Oh yes, lets not
forget about how we road around talkin to roxy and looking
for the guys. I almost ran over kevin twice, and i hit
him... 3 times? You know i just wanted to see your ass on
my window- hehe j/k. And now here I am. oooh this is fun.
BROTHER! But anyways, i'm tired as a matterbaby so i'm
gunna split now. Tyler plays tomorrow @ marcy's at 7:30-
everyone go! Cya'll later- Chao.

COOKIENCREAM08: like it was the same with me.. i listened
to my heart like all the time but i barley ever thought
about what i was doing
LIZZY5710: yeah, i totally understand
LIZZY5710: when u start to think it fucks things up
COOKIENCREAM08: yes it does

~Hold up- lets not forget about the highlight of the
daytime: spraying the RALPH LAUREN POLO all over ourselves
so we would smell like hott guys. (my nose is still
permanently attached to my wrist- lol) Best smelling stuff

~And, The bet I won today: IS ELIJIAH WOOD IN FREE WILLY?
No of course he isn't- Thats right Meredith Caitlin Carly
Mattie and Eric- HE'S NOT! So... i get twenty bucks- tehe.

~And last but never least- Thanks for being such a
sweetheart tonight Kevin. I know we'll have our time,
again, someday, and until then I'm always here for anything
you need. ~wink~
Goodnight everybody- I LOVE YOU ALL!

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