It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-29 06:52:04 (UTC)

i didn't mean to begin the millenium like this...

that's a bargain music tune. they're on the same label that
sublime was. i haven't done much for the past few days.
chilled with marty mostly...and worked. 2 shows and another
tomorrow. and on the plus side, i don't have to go to
wrestling, so i can sleep in. and jermain (my old best
friend sincce i was like 8) is back in town, and so is
robin. so im trying to get together with both of them
before they take off for U of M and oregon. i guess that's
it for now. i got to sing at the suicide machines show
today though. the stage was all short and i was up front,
and i knew the lyrics, and jay was passin the mic between
people, and i got it like 6 or 7 times. it kicked ass! but
i wasn't ready for the front when they first opened, which
they did with my 2 favorite songs, "break the glass"
and "islands". oh well, i get to see em tomorrow too. later