The Xdruggie Files
2001-12-29 06:30:37 (UTC)

[email protected]' Fridays

Day from hell. well not a literal day from hell like i used
to have...but it was pretty stressful. I am doin' magazines
at B & N. it's a job not a career, and it gives me time to
focus on my sobriety. the guy i work with went to the same
treatment center i went to and is in the program so that is
pretty cool. Had lunch with L. was really worried about
him. He relapsed, and was in some scuzzy strip joing and
smokin' crack. He wouldn't really talk to anyone, but we
talked. I didn't really know what to say other than to let
him know that i was there. talked to my sponsor later on
and she told me that was the right thing to say. I was at a
loss as to what to say, but i am just glad he's alive. My
fingers are literally bleeding from putting out magazines
and doing receiving today at work, but i like it. I don't
have to really deal with the public, and so i want to get
my eyebrow re-peirced and put some blue in my hair. ok i am
tired and talking to my manager and my x-bf's x-roommate
online. ML

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