Happy Noodle Boy Rox!
2001-12-29 05:33:11 (UTC)


whiteshadowfox: Hey
Afipunkgodess: hey
Afipunkgodess: theyre not bak
Afipunkgodess: :-(
whiteshadowfox: o okay
Afipunkgodess: yea i wish they were
Afipunkgodess: i wonder where they are!
whiteshadowfox: lol me to
whiteshadowfox: where they go?
Afipunkgodess: i dunno
Afipunkgodess: movies/
Afipunkgodess: a long one no doubt
whiteshadowfox: yep
Afipunkgodess: so what did you do today/
whiteshadowfox: hmmm i read, and read somemore, then did
some soccer stuff, then read somemore, went and saw a
movie, and read somemore and now i'm talking to u
Afipunkgodess: what movie?
whiteshadowfox: Oceans Eleven..... it was alright
Afipunkgodess: cool what was it about
whiteshadowfox: lol guy who is trying to rob three Las
Vegas casinos
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: haha
Afipunkgodess: sounds well.... interesting
whiteshadowfox: it was
Afipunkgodess: hopefully cuz u had to sit through it lol
whiteshadowfox: kinda slow at parts but alright i guess
Afipunkgodess: ya
whiteshadowfox: i wouldn't see it again at the theaters
though heh
Afipunkgodess: action movie?
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: i guess heh
whiteshadowfox: so whats up with you??
Afipunkgodess: nothin muc
Afipunkgodess: h
Afipunkgodess: k a n d i c e c a l l e d 2 d a y
whiteshadowfox: bet u loved that
Afipunkgodess: haha
Afipunkgodess: i sense s a r c a s m
Afipunkgodess: naw, it wasnt too bad
whiteshadowfox: really????? i never liked her to much
Afipunkgodess: i hung out with her 6th and 7th a ton
whiteshadowfox: yeah i still couldn't stand her
whiteshadowfox: heh
whiteshadowfox: to preppy
Afipunkgodess: yea
whiteshadowfox: even though it was great when Mr. R. locked
her out of the room in 7th
Afipunkgodess: well do you htink im a prep?
whiteshadowfox: that will stay with me forever
whiteshadowfox: nope
Afipunkgodess: oh yeah LOL
Afipunkgodess: LOL
Afipunkgodess: LOL
Afipunkgodess: MRS K. GOT SOOOOO MAD
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: know
whiteshadowfox: but it was great
Afipunkgodess: yea thatsy it was so greart
Afipunkgodess: *great
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: ugh i ate 2 huge pickles
Afipunkgodess: big mistake
whiteshadowfox: yep bet it was
Afipunkgodess: i still wanna eat more though
Afipunkgodess: haha
Afipunkgodess: one time i drank a cup of pickle juice
Afipunkgodess: haha ughhhh
Afipunkgodess: and then ate an orange
Afipunkgodess: ughhh
whiteshadowfox: ewww yuck
Afipunkgodess: well i wouldve been fine had it not been for
the cereal
Afipunkgodess: with milk
whiteshadowfox: thats just nasty
Afipunkgodess: naw
Afipunkgodess: it was good
Afipunkgodess: till i got sick
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: i got a terrible cramp
Afipunkgodess: but was fine after advil
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: lol
Afipunkgodess: advil is a lifesave
Afipunkgodess: r
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: lol
whiteshadowfox: yep yep
Afipunkgodess: yea i use it wayyy too much
Afipunkgodess: i wonder if theres such thing as an advil
whiteshadowfox: probally
whiteshadowfox: you can overdose on anything
Afipunkgodess: life?
whiteshadowfox: yep
whiteshadowfox: overdose on life is if your immortal
Afipunkgodess: but if mortal?
Afipunkgodess: what if youre mortal?
Afipunkgodess: then could you
whiteshadowfox: hmmm
Afipunkgodess: or love
Afipunkgodess: could you
whiteshadowfox: love yes
Afipunkgodess: did r. and j. overdoes on love?
whiteshadowfox: well i don't know
whiteshadowfox: hehe
whiteshadowfox: i don't think of it like that
whiteshadowfox: heh all i say is i just wanna live life
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: what do you have an overdose on?
whiteshadowfox: drugs
Afipunkgodess: nooooo
whiteshadowfox: liquor
Afipunkgodess: i mean like yo
Afipunkgodess: u
Afipunkgodess: im overdosed on stress
Afipunkgodess: and sometimes love
Afipunkgodess: and questions
Afipunkgodess: and curiosity
Afipunkgodess: and awe and wonder
whiteshadowfox: heh
Afipunkgodess: now i ask, what are you high on?
Afipunkgodess: lok
whiteshadowfox: i'm high on curiosity and on word play what
about you?
Afipunkgodess: haha i just said!
Afipunkgodess: and im high on life
Afipunkgodess: sorry what did you overdose on
Afipunkgodess: what are you taking too much of
whiteshadowfox: hmmm
whiteshadowfox: my thoughts
whiteshadowfox: i take to much thought in
Afipunkgodess: mhmm
Afipunkgodess: do you think it has adverse effects on you?
whiteshadowfox: yes i do
Afipunkgodess: in what ways?
whiteshadowfox: hmm well sometimes its good and sometiems
its bad
whiteshadowfox wants to directly connect.
whiteshadowfox is now directly connected.
whiteshadowfox: there
whiteshadowfox: now we know when the other is typing
Afipunkgodess: do you think girls feel deeper than guys?
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: yea
Afipunkgodess: unless i go like this
whiteshadowfox: sometimes
whiteshadowfox: stop it!!
Afipunkgodess: lol now you cant tell hehehehehehehe you
dont know if im typin or if i just pressed the space bar
lol say somethin then youll know lol hahahahahahahahahah
this is fun!
whiteshadowfox: yes i can
whiteshadowfox: you entered text
whiteshadowfox: hehe
whiteshadowfox: ahhh stop please!!1
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: hehehehe surrrre i entered text
Afipunkgodess: arent i so nice?
whiteshadowfox: yes you are
whiteshadowfox: nicest person in the world
Afipunkgodess: mhmm finally someone recognizes me!
whiteshadowfox: yep sure do
Afipunkgodess: mhmmm
Afipunkgodess: haha
Afipunkgodess: u gotta pick
whiteshadowfox: hmm okay
whiteshadowfox: whats the one thing you hate bout your
Afipunkgodess: one???????
i hate a lot of thins
Afipunkgodess: ill name one though
Afipunkgodess: i hate being shy
Afipunkgodess: i hate being jelous
Afipunkgodess: wait thas 2
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: name as many as ya wan't
Afipunkgodess: k
Afipunkgodess: i hate how i act round people
Afipunkgodess: i hate that i know i dont fit in
Afipunkgodess: i hate that i dont fit in
Afipunkgodess: i hate that i love a guy even though he
lives 1000 miles away
Afipunkgodess: i hate the fact that im a hypocrite
Afipunkgodess: i hate the fact that im pretendin to be the
people i hang with at nolans friends but i really arent
their friends
Afipunkgodess: because i could never be
Afipunkgodess: i hate that i ask questions
Afipunkgodess: i hate that i still do when there arent
Afipunkgodess: i hate that im rebellious
Afipunkgodess: annoying
Afipunkgodess: dangit nikki i hate a ton of stuff
Afipunkgodess: i hate how dependent on people i am
whiteshadowfox: aww its okay.....
Afipunkgodess: how expecting and perfectionist
Afipunkgodess: and more more and more
Afipunkgodess: how bout u
whiteshadowfox: hmmm i hate how part of me wants to fit in
whiteshadowfox: i hate how i don't talk
whiteshadowfox: how i think
whiteshadowfox: how i do this
whiteshadowfox: and how i do that
whiteshadowfox: how i'm confused and how i'm scared when i
aint sure of things
whiteshadowfox: hmm and jealousy
whiteshadowfox: i hate how im' jealous
whiteshadowfox: lol and i can't think
Afipunkgodess: mhmm
Afipunkgodess: well i guess we really love ourselves!
whiteshadowfox: o yeah we do
whiteshadowfox: but at the moment i'm feeling peaceful
Afipunkgodess: im not
whiteshadowfox: well whats the thing thats most on your mind
Afipunkgodess: hmmm theres ben who ive known for a year
Afipunkgodess: and i dunno
Afipunkgodess: im really attached to him now
Afipunkgodess: and i wish hed get online
Afipunkgodess: lo,l
Afipunkgodess: and i wish i didnt wish that
whiteshadowfox: noo you shoudl wish that
Afipunkgodess: ?
whiteshadowfox: you dhouldn't
whiteshadowfox: because we all need to like somebody
whiteshadowfox: if we don't
whiteshadowfox: i feel we are missing a lesson in life
Afipunkgodess: yes but nikki
Afipunkgodess: i dont get to see him for years
Afipunkgodess: until we can like meet again
whiteshadowfox: well thn
whiteshadowfox: do you ever see him online?
Afipunkgodess: lol yes once a day
Afipunkgodess: or so
Afipunkgodess: and sometimes we talk for hrs
Afipunkgodess: but still
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: i miss him all the time
Afipunkgodess: haha
whiteshadowfox: okay then
whiteshadowfox: get his number..... and call him
whiteshadowfox: get a phone card
Afipunkgodess: lol no we were going to do that but i
decided itd hurt too much
Afipunkgodess: come on nikki thatd just make me miss him
whiteshadowfox: no it wouldn't
whiteshadowfox: take calculated risks
whiteshadowfox: no risk no gain
Afipunkgodess: i dont know
Afipunkgodess: maybe
Afipunkgodess: ill see him in a few years anyways lol
whiteshadowfox: yes you must take risks
whiteshadowfox: lol so see
whiteshadowfox: get to know him
Afipunkgodess: that would be risk enough
Afipunkgodess: nikki i know him
Afipunkgodess: really well
Afipunkgodess: an hour a day well say 5 days a week for 52
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: thats a long time
whiteshadowfox: lol
whiteshadowfox: okay then
Afipunkgodess: or for me it is
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: so like call him and talk to him
Afipunkgodess: maybe i will
Afipunkgodess: hmmm
whiteshadowfox: yes you should

Auto response from Afipunkgodess: hmmm sry ill brb

Afipunkgodess: bikki
Afipunkgodess: nikki
Afipunkgodess: would your mom mind if you came over monday
Afipunkgodess: even though its the 31st?
whiteshadowfox: no she wouldn't mind
whiteshadowfox: what time though??
Afipunkgodess: ummm like 12 or 1230- 5 or 530
Afipunkgodess: cuz mom doesnt want to take you away frm ur
mom or anythin that long
whiteshadowfox: sorry its gonna have to be like after one
whiteshadowfox: my mom doesnt care
whiteshadowfox: heh
whiteshadowfox: but i have soccer practice at twelve and i
should go since i'm captain even though coach isn't going
to be there..... so how boout like 1:30 or 2:00 and i may
be stinky
Afipunkgodess: ok
Afipunkgodess: thats cool
Afipunkgodess: sure
whiteshadowfox: okay i'll just tell my mom
Afipunkgodess: maybe hopefully u can stay later well se
Afipunkgodess: e
Afipunkgodess: my mom can take u home
whiteshadowfox: okay...... okay i'll tell my mom that
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: try to lick your elbow
Afipunkgodess: cant reach!
whiteshadowfox: lol i can't either hehe
whiteshadowfox: anyways... your turn
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: hmmm if you could look like anyone who would
you / what would you look like
whiteshadowfox: anyone...... well the only thing i don't
like the way i look is my stupid acne and i could shed a
few pounds but i think i'm okay
Afipunkgodess: hmmm thats cool
Afipunkgodess: if you could be any animal what animal would
you be?
whiteshadowfox: a dolphin of course
Afipunkgodess: haha of course
whiteshadowfox: wait
whiteshadowfox: to be more specific an orca
Afipunkgodess: lol why is that
whiteshadowfox: because they are beautiful and mighty and i
get this feeling everytime i watch them
whiteshadowfox: like
whiteshadowfox: just they are so peaceful
Afipunkgodess: i dont even know which ones are orcas
whiteshadowfox: killer whales
whiteshadowfox: black with white
whiteshadowfox: tall dorsal fins
whiteshadowfox: free willy
Afipunkgodess: ohhhhh
Afipunkgodess: theyre pretty
Afipunkgodess: i dont identafy with them or anything though
Afipunkgodess: identify
Afipunkgodess: i dunno
Afipunkgodess: animals have never truly fascinated me
Afipunkgodess: possibly sparked amusement
Afipunkgodess: but nothing more
whiteshadowfox: just orca
whiteshadowfox: s
whiteshadowfox: i could care less bout other stuff
whiteshadowfox: but orcas are different
Afipunkgodess: not for me
Afipunkgodess: no offense
Afipunkgodess: or anything
Afipunkgodess: ive never really examined one
whiteshadowfox: i will sometimes search for pics of them on
the net
Afipunkgodess: cool
Afipunkgodess: hey ill brb
Afipunkgodess: people are the only thing that fascinate me
Afipunkgodess: and i hardly ever i.d. with people
whiteshadowfox: yep same for me .....k
Afipunkgodess: back
Afipunkgodess: i only feel as though a few people
understand me
Afipunkgodess: sometimes lizzy j
Afipunkgodess: you
Afipunkgodess: andrew
Afipunkgodess: and ben the guy ive been talkin to
whiteshadowfox: hmm i'm not sure
whiteshadowfox: who i identify with
whiteshadowfox: you for sure
Afipunkgodess: you wanna know why i identafy with lizzy j
whiteshadowfox: yep sur do
Afipunkgodess: well i think so
Afipunkgodess: cuz ive influenced her a ton
Afipunkgodess: she tries to follow me
Afipunkgodess: i think
Afipunkgodess: i mea
Afipunkgodess: n
Afipunkgodess: i remember a wk ago
Afipunkgodess: she spent the night
Afipunkgodess: and she always ends up admitting thi
Afipunkgodess: s
Afipunkgodess: but she really went far into it this time
Afipunkgodess: how everyone thinks shes the leader
Afipunkgodess: but she knows shes not cuz she follows me
Afipunkgodess: and its just a game, a charade and shes
takin cues from me
Afipunkgodess: and the thing is nikki
Afipunkgodess: how much you may dislike her
Afipunkgodess: shes almost a part of me
Afipunkgodess: because i put so much of myself into
Afipunkgodess: her
Afipunkgodess: and last yr when it felt like we were losin
whiteshadowfox: ahhhhh
Afipunkgodess: it felt like i was loosin ehr
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: y
Afipunkgodess: what
whiteshadowfox: because
Afipunkgodess: really though nikki i had told her
everything important to me
whiteshadowfox: you and her... runs... thats like.....
like...... raist and caramon
Afipunkgodess: yes but the reason shes herself is because i
cant dictate her life just influence her a ton
Afipunkgodess: raist and camaron?
whiteshadowfox: sorry
whiteshadowfox: book thing
Afipunkgodess: well explain
Afipunkgodess: plz
whiteshadowfox: well its like no offense to your cousing i
see her as bad...... but its caramon is always doing stuff
for raist... raist would be mean to him and do tons of
stuff but caramon would always be there loyal and
everything in a way its sad but it just reminds me of them
whiteshadowfox: i just hope it doesn't end the same
Afipunkgodess: why?
Afipunkgodess: how did it en
Afipunkgodess: d
whiteshadowfox: can't tell ya
Afipunkgodess: why not/
Afipunkgodess: ?
whiteshadowfox: becaue you have to read the book!!!
Afipunkgodess: awwww
Afipunkgodess: lemme guess
Afipunkgodess: raist inadvertdly kills caramon
whiteshadowfox: nope
whiteshadowfox: i will agree to everything
Afipunkgodess: because of something
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: yep
whiteshadowfox: yep
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: yep
whiteshadowfox: yep
Afipunkgodess: shut up
Afipunkgodess: omk
whiteshadowfox: yep
Afipunkgodess: oko
Afipunkgodess: ok
Afipunkgodess: kok
whiteshadowfox: yep
Afipunkgodess: ok
Afipunkgodess: i wont say any more
Afipunkgodess: but shes not bad i dont hink
Afipunkgodess: think
Afipunkgodess: and dont take this the wrong way i mean like
a sister ive loved her all my life
Afipunkgodess: and i still do
whiteshadowfox: yeah i figured that
Afipunkgodess: and like i said she feels like me
Afipunkgodess: i dont know why
Afipunkgodess: and there is a strong sense of loyalty
Afipunkgodess: and every time she betrays me it comes back
Afipunkgodess: she repents
Afipunkgodess: i forgive
Afipunkgodess: and i end up feeling like the criminal
Afipunkgodess: i dont know why
Afipunkgodess: but like i said shes my creation almost
Afipunkgodess: because i fed my ideas to her
whiteshadowfox: i c
Afipunkgodess: and shes tried to follow me
Afipunkgodess: and i guess
Afipunkgodess: hold up i have this diary entry
Afipunkgodess: im gonna email it to you
whiteshadowfox: o okay
whiteshadowfox: thanks
Afipunkgodess: its mithrandir right
whiteshadowfox: yep
whiteshadowfox: mithrandir626
Afipunkgodess: k
Afipunkgodess: didya get it
whiteshadowfox: bot sure
Afipunkgodess: hmmm
whiteshadowfox: i'll check in a min
Afipunkgodess: k
Afipunkgodess: sooo whatdoya wanna talk about
Afipunkgodess: the entry looks long but it isnt really
whiteshadowfox: o okay
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: sorry it may help you see
Afipunkgodess: i want you to read it sorry nikki if its a
whiteshadowfox: now its okay'
whiteshadowfox: i'm checking it now
Afipunkgodess: its just if youre my friend itd be nice to
know me and this is part of me i guess
Afipunkgodess: k
whiteshadowfox: what do i click
whiteshadowfox: do i click new??
Afipunkgodess: huh
Afipunkgodess: where r u?
whiteshadowfox: in my email
Afipunkgodess: lol i dont know i dont have yahoo
Afipunkgodess: i guess
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: it says lookup new properties tip a friend
Afipunkgodess: where are you!?
Afipunkgodess: ohhh
Afipunkgodess: youre at the diary thing
whiteshadowfox: no!!! i'm in my email
Afipunkgodess: are you?
Afipunkgodess: ahhh
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: grrrrrr i'm confused
Afipunkgodess: ummm you are?
Afipunkgodess: ummm go to lookup
Afipunkgodess: are you really you dont know how to get into
your email?!?
Afipunkgodess: lol im sorry but thats funny
whiteshadowfox: no i do
whiteshadowfox: its in my email
whiteshadowfox: the one u sent me
Afipunkgodess: ohhhh
Afipunkgodess: lol isnt there writing below that stuff
whiteshadowfox: hehe big space of white!! *starts laughin*
you wrote in white!!!
Afipunkgodess: awww crap
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: sorry
Afipunkgodess: hold up
Afipunkgodess: lemme send again in black
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: OMG HOW STUPID
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: lol
Afipunkgodess: lol sry i pasted frm my diary and my diary
is white wit black b.r
Afipunkgodess: hold up
whiteshadowfox: hehehe
Afipunkgodess: lol sorry i thought you were askin me how to
work your email
Afipunkgodess: and i aws like wat
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: there i sent it
whiteshadowfox: lol k
Afipunkgodess: u c now?
whiteshadowfox: grrrrr nooo
whiteshadowfox: it says i don'thave a new one
Afipunkgodess: i sent it!
Afipunkgodess: well go to the old 2
Afipunkgodess: 1
Afipunkgodess: and highlight it
Afipunkgodess: or refresh
whiteshadowfox: hehe
whiteshadowfox: i am
Afipunkgodess: is it there
Afipunkgodess: ?
whiteshadowfox: i got it
Afipunkgodess: score
Afipunkgodess: is it black
Afipunkgodess: in norm letters?
whiteshadowfox: yep i'm still readingi t
whiteshadowfox: lemme think about it
Afipunkgodess: k
whiteshadowfox: i'll tell ya on monday
whiteshadowfox: or sooner
Afipunkgodess: ok
Afipunkgodess: so
Afipunkgodess: what do you want to talk about
whiteshadowfox: me not sure
Afipunkgodess: you gotta pick
Afipunkgodess: ha i changed my pfile
whiteshadowfox: good poem
Afipunkgodess: lol thats the 1 i wrote last yr
Afipunkgodess: in mrs as class
Afipunkgodess: when she let us go to comps
whiteshadowfox: hold on a sec
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: k
Afipunkgodess: sasy
Afipunkgodess: when
Afipunkgodess: ur bak
whiteshadowfox: read this
whiteshadowfox: even though it says part of what happens to
raist and caramon
Afipunkgodess: m
whiteshadowfox: but caramond doesn't die
Afipunkgodess: k
whiteshadowfox: whiteshadowfox: no he isn't..... just
because he has power u think hes cool
whiteshadowfox: he left caramon for dead when if it hadn't
been for caramon he'd probally already been dead
Ryu Starwind: no just because he's cool i think he's cool
Ryu Starwind: so?
whiteshadowfox: so!!! lol
whiteshadowfox: i'm fighting a losing battle heh
Ryu Starwind: hehe yep:-)
Afipunkgodess: betrayal
whiteshadowfox: but hes like so
whiteshadowfox: i'm like omg
Afipunkgodess: so?
Afipunkgodess: hes so what?
Afipunkgodess: im not sure if liz would betray me or leave
me for dead
Afipunkgodess: ive seen her at her worst
Afipunkgodess: and her worst can be bad
Afipunkgodess: but so can everyones
Afipunkgodess: ive seen her at her best
whiteshadowfox: heh
Afipunkgodess: and thats which i cling to
whiteshadowfox: nevermind bout raist and cararmon
Afipunkgodess: why?
whiteshadowfox: waht raist did to caramon is the worst any
twin can do to another
whiteshadowfox: cause its irrevlevant
whiteshadowfox: cause i don't think lizzy would do that
Afipunkgodess: no she wouldnt
Afipunkgodess: but she did
Afipunkgodess: in a sense
Afipunkgodess: already
Afipunkgodess: in 7th grade
Afipunkgodess: i left every1 to be with her
Afipunkgodess: even part of 8th grade
Afipunkgodess: and then she made fun of me
Afipunkgodess: laughed at me told me to go away
Afipunkgodess: to my face
Afipunkgodess: just to fit in
Afipunkgodess: and that was the time where i felt most
Afipunkgodess: terrible
Afipunkgodess: like my live would end
whiteshadowfox: thats why i don't like her
whiteshadowfox: and she rules over u
Afipunkgodess: for i had lost or was loosin my own friend
Afipunkgodess: but you dont see
Afipunkgodess: i let her rule
Afipunkgodess: but i too rule over her
Afipunkgodess: she wants the power perhaps and maybe it
appears she has it
Afipunkgodess: but without me she thinks she is nothing i
Afipunkgodess: and without her perhaps i am
Afipunkgodess: but i made it without her
Afipunkgodess: she has some power over me
Afipunkgodess: but i let her
Afipunkgodess: my power over her is that she needs me
Afipunkgodess: because she follows
whiteshadowfox: ahh i like the sound of that
Afipunkgodess: of what?
whiteshadowfox: that you also have power over her
Afipunkgodess: but i do
Afipunkgodess: and she knows it
Afipunkgodess: and that gives me even more power
Afipunkgodess: that she knows it
Afipunkgodess: the thing is nikki im her role model
Afipunkgodess: and she looks to me for things
Afipunkgodess: and i feel as if i need to be there
whiteshadowfox: thats good
Afipunkgodess: for her to look
Afipunkgodess: but sometimes she strays
Afipunkgodess: but always comes back
Afipunkgodess: its like shes drawn to me
Afipunkgodess: and im drawn to teach her
Afipunkgodess: show her
Afipunkgodess: or something
Afipunkgodess: nikki ive put so much of me into her
Afipunkgodess: and drilled it in
Afipunkgodess: ive made her understand some things
Afipunkgodess: and perhaps i shouldntve
Afipunkgodess: but i mean i love her a lot and i always
wanted to protect her from everyone
whiteshadowfox: well maybe she will be better for it
whiteshadowfox: you will never know
Afipunkgodess: but we both realized that i cant
Afipunkgodess: but i don tknow
whiteshadowfox: but you can't protect her from everyone
Afipunkgodess: because knowledge is power and power corrupts
Afipunkgodess: yes i know that
Afipunkgodess: but i want to
Afipunkgodess: and she would let me too
Afipunkgodess: but broke out
Afipunkgodess: and i guess
Afipunkgodess: we escaped eachother
Afipunkgodess: but look again now she comes back
Afipunkgodess: and here we are again
Afipunkgodess: more years of toil
Afipunkgodess: hopefully less betrayal
Afipunkgodess: of course i feel guilty on one instance of
my betrayal
Afipunkgodess: i didnt tell her about addisomn
Afipunkgodess: *addison
Afipunkgodess: how i liked him
Afipunkgodess: but i had good reason for this
Afipunkgodess: the first betrayal was in about 5th grade
Afipunkgodess: when i liked andrew
Afipunkgodess: and she did
Afipunkgodess: and she told him
whiteshadowfox: i c
Afipunkgodess: after me always telling her not to
Afipunkgodess: and
Afipunkgodess: that was the beginning of mistrust
Afipunkgodess: but still i trusted her
Afipunkgodess: and she understood me
Afipunkgodess: i think
Afipunkgodess: even though my aunts uncles mightve hated me
Afipunkgodess: and their children steph and cat seen me as
Afipunkgodess: she saw the real me
Afipunkgodess: but didnt want steph and cat to see
Afipunkgodess: shes very jelous
Afipunkgodess: so she made them hate me
Afipunkgodess: hide from me
Afipunkgodess: jennifer, the devil child
Afipunkgodess: while she followed me
Afipunkgodess: but now she cant have it her way because the
little ones like me the best
Afipunkgodess: but soon ill be gone and shell have no one
Afipunkgodess: or will she
Afipunkgodess: sorry i just wrote a heck of a lot
Afipunkgodess: just contemplating to myself
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: no its okay
whiteshadowfox: i was reading it all
whiteshadowfox: i was just thinking bout it and taking it
all in and just thinking
Afipunkgodess: i guess it might seem weird alien strange or
Afipunkgodess: it probably is
Afipunkgodess: but ive lived it
Afipunkgodess: this is my life nikki
Afipunkgodess: this is me and how i guess ive become me
Afipunkgodess: she has probably been one of if not the
greatest influence on me
whiteshadowfox: its alien to ME......... i've never
experienced it before
whiteshadowfox: i've never trusted someone like
that......because i try not to
Afipunkgodess: yes
Afipunkgodess: but i wanted to
whiteshadowfox: because i truely believe trust is mans
greatest weakness
Afipunkgodess: yes it is
whiteshadowfox: i trust you them most
whiteshadowfox: because u haven't betrayed me
Afipunkgodess: i trust you the most too
Afipunkgodess: i dont think i will
Afipunkgodess: because ive been betrayed
whiteshadowfox: and i don't think i will either
Afipunkgodess: ive seen it
Afipunkgodess: and i know how it feels
whiteshadowfox: so have i...... not as bad as you but u
remember when i like ricardo and i told katie r. and she
just like told everyone
whiteshadowfox: i never trusted her again
Afipunkgodess: nikki when she betrayed me th ose times it
was terrible it was like my life had betrayed me i dont
know it was the worst it was depressing it was strange
Afipunkgodess: she didnt tell me
Afipunkgodess: maybe she did
Afipunkgodess: people have a hard time keeping it
Afipunkgodess: well that stuff hurts
Afipunkgodess: because really trust is hard to find
Afipunkgodess: someone to confide in is hard to find
Afipunkgodess: but i think ive got lizzy in check
Afipunkgodess: because she cant reveal my thoughts because
my thoughts have become some of her thoughts and in
revealing my thoughts if people dont like them both she and
i would be shunned
Afipunkgodess: thats my check
Afipunkgodess: but its not a mate
Afipunkgodess: lol sorry nikki im making you like a
whiteshadowfox: yep i get it
Afipunkgodess: all my good friends are
whiteshadowfox: nope its okay
whiteshadowfox: i like hearing it
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: i do seriously
Afipunkgodess: good
whiteshadowfox: i like hearing ppls problems
whiteshadowfox: makes me want to help em
Afipunkgodess: good because i would hate to bore the heck
outta you
Afipunkgodess: thats the one thing with andrew
Afipunkgodess: i could tell him everything
Afipunkgodess: and he honestly worried
Afipunkgodess: and tried to make me hate liz
Afipunkgodess: though it didnt work
Afipunkgodess: after his crush on her
Afipunkgodess: but i could never get many problems outta him
whiteshadowfox: hehe that sounds like me
Afipunkgodess: lol
whiteshadowfox: except i never tried to make you hate her
Afipunkgodess: yea somewhat
Afipunkgodess: but he did
Afipunkgodess: he wanted me to
Afipunkgodess: who knows maybe he was jelous that i liked
her so much i dont know
Afipunkgodess: i was his first real friend i think
Afipunkgodess: everyone else he knows is shallow
Afipunkgodess: his last real friend was in 3rd grade he
said lol
whiteshadowfox: that would suck
Afipunkgodess: mhmm
Afipunkgodess: but what i hated about him
Afipunkgodess: was that sometimes he would half listen
Afipunkgodess: cuz hed play games or watch tv while talkin
Afipunkgodess: haha 1 time he fell asleep
Afipunkgodess: i dont blame him though it was like midnight
Afipunkgodess: wait though my pet peeve was that
Afipunkgodess: he never told me many of his problems
Afipunkgodess: only once or twice
Afipunkgodess: and i felt terrible
Afipunkgodess: because i wanted to return the favor
whiteshadowfox: i know the feeling
Afipunkgodess: ok so its your turn
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: i mean whats the liz in your life
whiteshadowfox: hmmm i don't rule over anybody
whiteshadowfox: i try not to lead..... i follow the
ignorant just because i don't feel the need to lead
Afipunkgodess: hmmm
Afipunkgodess: thats our difference
Afipunkgodess: i do want to lead ive always felt the need to
Afipunkgodess: because if i dont lead i follow
Afipunkgodess: and i am a mistrustful person
Afipunkgodess: so then whatre your probs nikki i feel
guilty not lettin you get a word or 2 in
whiteshadowfox: I follow the path i set for myself
Afipunkgodess: but id like people to follow mine too
Afipunkgodess: because i like the company and feel the need
to guide those who i love
Afipunkgodess: or who are worth it
Afipunkgodess: soooooo nikki my turn to be the psychiacrist
Afipunkgodess: unless its somethin you dont want to talk
Afipunkgodess: id be cool with that
whiteshadowfox: i dunno
Afipunkgodess: honestly?
whiteshadowfox: i just have to think bout whats bugging me
Afipunkgodess: come on nikki, dont you have any problems?
Afipunkgodess: ok
whiteshadowfox: when hear someone elses problems i get so
focused on theirs
whiteshadowfox: i forget mine for a moment
Afipunkgodess: dont nikki you dont need to feel burdened
Afipunkgodess: because i think i can figure things out i
just want you to know cuz well like i said its me
Afipunkgodess: do you want to forget yours
Afipunkgodess: omg look at ric.s pfile
Afipunkgodess: Cali - likes to give blow jobs to guys with
6 pac's and likes dicks to be inside of her pussy by these
guys with big dicks and 6 pac's
and remember SHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Afipunkgodess: he changed
Afipunkgodess: dangit
Afipunkgodess: dont they always
whiteshadowfox: hehehe

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