Fun Times...
2001-12-29 04:37:56 (UTC)

Start of a new something

So yeah, I decided to start this whole online diary because
i was... inspired... i guess whould be the word... by my
friend. I never write in the little journal i got for
christmas last year. there's maybe a whole 10 pages used. i
went through and read some of em and noticed that over 75
percent were about my friend reid. god, there's so much
that's happened between us. he's my absolute best friend
and i would do anything (and i do mean anything!) for him.
i guess it started at band camp my freshman year. yes, the
great band camp. nothing like the one in american pie; it's
a school one for two weeks before school starts. i had no
clue who he was. he came from a different school and i had
never met him. i knew some people from that middle school
because i went to an elementry school that goes into the
middle school he's from. anyway, he told me later that he
liked me since he saw me and he traded spots on the
marching drill to be near me. so after like 2 or 3 weeks of
being in school, we had a dedication for our new band room.
i didn't want to listen to some guys talk about the past
persent and future of the room and then to hear some other
guy pray for the room for 20 minutes. so went outside with
the other people my age who felt the same way. i saw an old
friend, phillip, and chilled with him and his friend. (who
happened to be reid) after that time together... almost 3
hours... i liked phil. i begged reid to hook us up and he
did. on phil's 16th birthday i was grateful to have reid
invited to go out to eat with me and the rest of his whole
family. so life went on for the 5 months i was with
phillip. then we broke up. reid had become my best friend
in the state. (my other best friend moved the day after 8th
grade ended.) over that time, reid had become a pretty
close person to me. for all my parents cared, he could've
just walked in our house whenever he wanted and i could do
the same at his. I knew even before i was with phillip that
reid really liked me. so, have you heard that song by
vertical horizon... everything you want? it really tends to
descibe how i felt about him. he was everything i could
ever want in a guy. he knew exactly what to say and would
do everything right and act perfectly. yet i didn't like
him as anything more than a friend and i didn't want to go
ahead and be with him and force a feeling i didn't have. so
there's more to the story but it's getting late... i'll
finish later. night!