Anonymous Thoughts
2001-12-29 03:51:06 (UTC)


ummm ... what to say ... uhh, well i usually write in ... or ... but this
place is alrightys too... err, well my life is going pretty
well, have my guy ... got my friends, everyones healthy,
kinda agitated about bball, cuz i really dont want to play
anymore ... some team members are really bitchy and
the coach gives the people with jobs, such a hard time
... but i mean, we're doing double the work of anyone
else, and its our job .. not like we're just skipping out to
play ya know ... blah, what a stupid head ... oh wells,
work is going alrights .. i like hanging with kat after
work, she's one of my best buds, shes my best work
buddy ... hrmm what elses ... uhh, yea, i wish i could
see my boy tonite, but i guess tomorrows good enuff ...
he wants me to go to a bball game with him, two tickets
to see the kings ...b ut i really dont like watching sports
.. its just boring for me ... *sigh* dunno what i'm gonna
say, cuz i know it'd make him happy to have me there ..
hmm, who knows ... we'll see i guess .... but yea ... i luv
being with him ... he's the sweetest guy i've ever had ..
he really respsects me and stuff ... its great =D